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TechnoVision 2020 – Introducing the latest technology business trends

Get insights from a wide network of expert colleagues, industry partners, and client contacts.

The pace at which technology is evolving is fascinating. And with business intertwined with technology, simplicity is paramount – especially for consumers. Technology has the power to deliver simplicity, but good judgment is essential, otherwise we may miss underlying facts, causes, reasons, and realities.

TechnoVision 2020 brings together a set of 37 technology business trends, effectively grouped into seven containers within a proven framework. This design inspires and encourages dialogue, telling stories, and helping our clients understand technology drivers in the current fast-evolving landscape.

The 37 trends are building blocks broken down into one-page summaries for brevity and accessibility. The use, impact, and links to leading technology solutions are examined for each trend.

Explore Invisible infostructure, Applications unleashed, Thriving on data, Process on the fly, and Your  experience – topics that include foundational building areas of infrastructure, leveraging data and processes, and creating seamless and individualized user experiences that can positively impact your business.

Dive into the TechnoVision Expert Connect community for a deeper look into the building blocks of technology.

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