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Shift towards sustainable packaging for a greener and more profitable future

The right approach for optimizing both cost and sustainability

With our environment increasingly under threat, companies are feeling tremendous pressure to improve sustainability. The imperative is especially clear in the packaging industry. But in a time of economic tension and uncertainty, pursuing sustainability is a formidable challenge.

Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies are working to reduce the carbon footprint across their supply chains. However, decreasing the amount of packaging, improving choice of materials, and engaging in effective recycling on a grand scale is daunting, especially while navigating increasingly complex regulations. Sustainability solutions must also yield outcomes that generate value or are, at least, cost-effective. Action is only possible if the business itself is profitable, regardless of how much it commits to preserving the environment.

Traditional packaging methods cannot meet all these demands. CPG players should therefore revamp the process with a shift towards sustainable packaging: using materials, designs, and methods that minimize the environmental impact of packaging products while maintaining their functionality and quality. But the right approach is critical.

Level setting provides essential direction by establishing a needed standard to effectively evaluate the sustainability of different materials and designs. It also helps determine the right areas for optimization to reduce both cost and emissions. By level setting, companies can pursue profitability while making sustainable packaging and a greener supply chain a reality.

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