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Intelligent industry

Revolutionize manufacturing with a computer-vision framework for intelligent inspection

Leverage computer vision with generative AI, and the metaverse to create a safer and more productive facility 

Inspecting manufacturing or facility equipment is often time consuming and expensive, and companies must also take action to meet revenue targets and increase facility utilization and reliability. 

Technology can help. Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-vision models can identify defects and issues faster and more accurately than the human eye. AI models interpret visual data from drones and cameras to quickly determine necessary corrective actions for meeting essential safety and regulatory compliance standards. 

When this visual data is lacking, these models can be trained using synthetic data generated from the metaverse for a wide range of virtual scenarios, getting the models ready for real-life application through machine learning. This unfolds in a dramatic scale, as simulations can generate thousands of images for multiple scenarios per minute. 

Capgemini’s computer vision framework does exactly this while delivering scalability by extending beyond the visual spectrum and incorporating asset and environment sensor data. This solution is built for hazardous environments and manages inspections that drive improved worker safety and superior product quality. Its plug-and-play cloud feature facilitates its integration into any IT landscape and provides the flexibility of adding models from new or existing applications, making it a more cost-effective solution. 

Leveraging generative AI means operating procedures and instructions for the work orders can be generated based on the detected scenario, and sent to work order management systems. 

The generative AI and metaverse are here. Together, we can leverage its opportunities to create a safer and more productive manufacturing environment for your enterprise. 

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George Jacob

Data & AI Transformation Leader
As a senior leader in the data and AI space with 20 years of experience, George leads strategy and solution design for data science, AI, analytics, modern (big) data platforms and solutions, and sustainability for top-tier clients in the energy sector.

Jess Draper

Intelligent Industry Director, Insights & Data
An enterprising leader with comprehensive hands-on experience in manufacturing and supply chain management for a digital world across all industries, fostering advanced insights from data to achieve operational objectives for clients’ strategies.
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