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Retail automation report: Creating trusted, innovative in-store experiences

New rules for engaging consumers have emerged in our always-on world. As shopper needs and demands change, retailers need to respond accordingly…and quickly.

With our changing dynamics, shoppers are relying more and more on delivery. Consumers increasingly expect efficient, safe, and engaging online experiences to be replicated in-store.

The challenge for retailers is to compete against ecommerce players while maintaining a physical store. The answer to that challenge is automation. In Smart stores: Rebooting the retail store through in-store automation, the Capgemini Research Institute spoke to more than 5,000 consumers regarding their views on automation. Nearly half said they would shift purchases from a non-automated store to a store with automated technologies if they have a positive experience.

Fortunately, the technology exists to enhance the customer experience and create an in-store environment that consumers not only want, but rely on. Automation can help customers get in and out of stores quickly, find new products, or have a more productive interaction with customer-service associates.

With automation technology, retailers protect market share and create a strategic advantage over their digital-native competitors. The majority of consumers (66%) believe that automation can improve their shopping experience by improving the retail experience

Capgemini’s Smart stores report takes a deep look at what consumers want and how automation technologies can help meet – and exceed –  their needs. In this report, readers will learn: Why automation in retail stores appeals to consumers and what technologies they are most comfortable using The benefits that companies are reaping from automating retail stores Why in-store automation depends on winning customer trust and confidence How organizations should think about accelerating and scaling in-store automation.

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