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Protect sensitive company data from bad actors and careless actions

A modern access-management framework is essential for greater security and compliance

The digital economy has given businesses a number of tools for boosting productivity, improving products and services, and driving revenue. But to remain operationally viable, companies must be protected against criminal, unethical, and careless actions.

Bad actors now have more opportunities and attack vectors than ever before to compromise sensitive data, gain confidential knowledge, or commit fraud. No company wants to risk tarnishing its reputation, let alone expose its employees, clients, and stakeholders to serious damage.

A modern access-management framework is therefore fundamental for core processes like finance, accounting, IT, HR, and sales. It enables the enterprise to control access and segregate duties, to prevent unauthorized entries and illicit actions that expose it and its partners to reputational and financial ruin.

Large organizations often have an access-control system already in place but it rarely runs seamlessly. Delays, bottlenecks, unintuitive systems, and dependence on manual activities are common issues. Traditional access-control systems are only a coping solution in an economy that demands agility and efficiency.

Capgemini believes employing a winning solution is the only way forward. Our SAP access control path solution is preconfigured with the latest processes, documentation, and test scripts out-of-the-box, reducing implementation cost and time up to 30 percent. As a leading SAP Global Integration Partner since 1993, our company is perfectly positioned to help enterprises implement a future-proof access-control framework to protect vital assets, prevent fraud, and streamline access management on a global scale.

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