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NelsonHall names Capgemini as a Leader for NextGen Software Testing

Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation, digital transformation, and a customer-driven approach to the rapidly evolving testing landscape. This was validated in the recent NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment Tool (NEAT), which analyzes the performance of vendors offering next-generation software testing services.

Its recent report positioned Capgemini as a Leader in the “Overall” market segment once again, and was ranked the highest in the grid in terms of its “ability to deliver immediate benefit” to customers. The survey assessed 17 vendors, with a specific focus on mobile testing, AI-based automation, UX testing, and other cognitive and testing capabilities.

Capgemini has been named a leader citing strengths in:

  • A mobile testing offering that is comprehensive and relies on several IP holdings and accelerators
  • UX testing: unlike several competitors, Capgemini has invested in automating several of its UX testing activities, with DigiAssure. Also, its offering benefits from Capgemini Invent, which is also active in UX, end-user research, UX testing, and product design
  • AI use cases: Capgemini is among the leaders in developing AI use cases for automating testing services
  • RPA use cases: Capgemini is one of the early vendors active in deploying RPA for testing purpose
  • The delivery engine is well balanced between large offshore presence and significant onshore personnel.

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“We are delighted to be once again recognized by NelsonHall for our strong expertise in Software Testing. Customer experience has always been a top priority for Capgemini Group in the rapidly evolving testing landscape and digital environment, fueled by complex business challenges. With our comprehensive suite of testing services across the Group, including Sogeti, Capgemini is focused on supporting its clients in their transformation journey to improve quality across all areas of IT development and maintenance.”

-Mark Buenen, Global Leader, Digital Assurance and Testing, Capgemini