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Manufacturing resilience: Reindustrialization in the United States

There’s a new buzzword in the industrial sector, and that word is reindustrialization.

Reindustrialization refers to a country’s strategic effort to revive and strengthen its industrial sector. Its principal aims are to create jobs, boost production, and reduce dependency on external sources.

Executives in the US and Europe have turned to reindustrialization to revitalize their industrial sectors after a steady, significant decline in manufacturing employment. A combination of factors has driven this decline, including globalization and offshoring, an aging workforce, and the skills gap arising from the demands of operating modern technologies. Economic and geopolitical shocks have also exposed the fragility of global supply chains.

Companies are now considering how to strengthen their supply chains and use reindustrialization to future-proof their organizations and maintain manufacturing resilience.

Capgemini’s latest report The resurgence of manufacturing: Reindustrialization strategies in Europe and the US, explores some of the key strategies leaders are taking to drive reindustrialization, and how these efforts could impact innovation.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at top reindustrialization strategies in the United States, and how government investment and incentives are creating a new future for sustainable manufacturing at scale.

You’ll discover:

  • The top trends influencing interest and investment in reindustrialization today, including supply chain resilience, economic and geopolitical concerns, and government legislation.
  • How US investments and government legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act are providing incentives for organizations to take advantage of the benefits of sustainable reindustrialization.
  • Why the United States is playing a key role in the future of gigafactory production, and how a focus on sustainability during the reindustrialization process can ensure economic growth is balanced by environmental responsibilities.
  • How digital technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and robotics are accelerating reindustrialization efforts and boosting productivity.

To learn more, download your copy of the summary, Manufacturing resilience: Reindustrialization in the United States.

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