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Making it real: 4 steps to implementing a sovereign cloud

Adopting the cloud makes it simpler, cheaper and faster for public sector organizations to address their fast-moving challenges. But many have concerns about the ability of cloud technologies to guarantee the privacy and security of their data, along with continuity of critical services.

A sovereign cloud gives public sector organizations an appropriate level of control over their data, technology and operations in a dedicated environment. In doing so, it provides compliant, secure access to the efficiency, scalability and rapid innovation of the cloud – and opens the door to transformation in the sector.

76% of public sector respondents globally believe their organization will adopt a sovereign cloud”

Capgemini Research Institute: The Journey to Cloud Sovereignty

Simplifying cloud sovereignty

Our report debunks common myths and demystifies the process of implementing one of these transformative solutions.

In it, you will discover what cloud sovereignty is (and what it isn’t) and why interest in it is growing in the public sector.

You will also learn:

  • how sovereignty is a spectrum, from light touch to complete control or autonomy – and the “right” level will differ for each use case
  • how a sovereign cloud can help you provide the seamless public services citizens expect while taming the monster under the bed (data regulation)
  • why a sovereign cloud works best as part of a multi-cloud approach, in which you use two or more cloud providers to meet different needs and spread risk.

68% of public sector respondents globally expect a sovereign cloud to provide a trusted and safe cloud environment for data”

Capgemini Research Institute: The Journey to Cloud Sovereignty

Starting the journey to sovereignty

The report sets out four steps public sector organizations can take to implement a sovereign cloud solution, each with examples from our work with clients.

The steps are:

  1. Plan
    Get clarity – define your needs, classify your data and meet your regulatory requirements
  2. Implement
    Choose a technology platform based on the outputs of step 1. Then build a sovereign landing zone and develop the cloud-native apps that will deliver your service or workload
  3. Operate
    Optimize your solution for performance, cost-efficiency, compliance and resilience over time – including upskilling your teams to manage a multi-cloud environment
  4. Explore
    Tap into the full transformational power of the cloud in and beyond your state, region or country

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