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Making AI work for you

Companies are increasingly spending more on AI. Not surprisingly, this technology has the power to significantly transform business operations and customer interactions as we know them. An increased number of companies are moving beyond testing to standardizing AI-powered solutions in their everyday operations. But are they able to successfully scale, especially considering the current pandemic?

We examined this phenomenon in our latest Capgemini Research Institute report: The AI-powered enterprise: Unlocking the potential of AI at scale. To build our research, we surveyed almost one thousand organizations with one billion dollars in annual revenues or more and which had existing AI initiatives in process. We conducted extensive, in-depth interviews with executives from each organization, and found that:

Scaling AI can be difficult. Many organizations are moving beyond testing; however, only 13% have launched multiple AI applications across teams, and the current COVID-19 crisis has made it more difficult for those that haven’t moved beyond testing.
AI is worth it! Ninety-seven percent of AI-at-scale leaders have seen a positive measurable impact from recent deployments such as revenue generation, reduction in risks, cost optimization, and improved customer engagement.
Plans matter. Organizations that performed the best followed a simple set of rules: empower, operationalize, nurture, monitor, and amplify.

To scale AI successfully, organizations need a strong data foundation and the right technology, tools, and practices. An established, streamlined operating model, ethical AI algorithms, and a strong talent and partner ecosystem ensure a frictionless deployment. Finally, to secure success, AI models must be monitored for accuracy and impact to strengthen results. A business process management partner like Capgemini will help build a roadmap to ensure the success of your AI initiatives. The benefits of AI are there for the taking, so make AI work for you!

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