Enabling AIOps with ServiceNow

Accelerating digital transformation with AIOps on ServiceNow

Enterprises around the world are integrating technology to transform their business. The only difference is some will get there quickly, while the others struggle to get to the finish line. Why is that?

The state of the ITOM (IT operations management) is limiting their potential to transform business. In most cases there is little to no visibility of IT assets, workflow processes aren’t streamlined, data isn’t shared and centralized. Most importantly, AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) capabilities are not being utilized.

Adopting AIOps on ServiceNow is the first step to improving IT operations. However, knowing how to use it effectively requires a constructive approach from a knowledgeable, dependable partner. Our expert Hugo Gordillo recommends a 3-step approach encompassing Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap and IT Monitoring Model with governance to unleash the full benefit of AIOps on ServiceNow.

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