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Digital inclusion in Trichy and Salem

Capgemini India launches two digital inclusion initiatives – the Digital Academy and the Digital Literacy Center – in Salem and Trichy.

Capgemini has always believed that education is imperative for development – both at the community and national level. With this in mind, on September 16–17, 2019, Capgemini India launched two digital inclusion initiatives – the Digital Academy and the Digital Literacy Center – in its Salem and Trichy delivery centers.

Both initiatives are part of LEAP (Livelihood Education through Action against Poverty), which forms part of Capgemini India’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) approach to train digitally disadvantaged people in collaboration with education and NGO partners.

The Digital Academy

The Digital Academy aims to deliver employability training for people aged 18–30, increasing participants’ technology skills and preparing them for the rapidly expanding IT sector in India.

Supported by Edubridge as a knowledge partner and Udyogini as the implementing NGO partner, participants will receive training in .net, coding, data analytics, graphic designing, Java, and structured query language (SQL), in line with the requirements of the IT job market.

The Digital Literacy Center

The Digital Literacy Center is a pan-India initiative for people aged 14–70. It is a dynamic and integrated platform to build digital literacy awareness, educate, and digitally empower communities. This center also provides digital skills to facilitate access to e-governance.

Capgemini implemented the first phase of the center in alignment with the Indian government’s National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) initiative, setting up 12 centers across 10 locations, and reaching out to 18,000 families between 2014–2017.

In the current phase, Capgemini has set up 10 centers across 10 cities including Salem and Trichy. In partnership with Hope Foundation, the project is geared at engaging citizens and targeted to reach 30,000 people by 2021.

About LEAP

To enhance the employability potential of young people in India, Capgemini launched an initiative of skill-building training across its centers in India. Aptly named LEAP (Livelihood Education Through Action Against Poverty), the program primarily targets young people who have dropped out of school or college. Along with the hard skills pertaining to various identified trades, LEAP also delivers training modules in soft skills, equipping young people for the ever-changing world of employment.

In May 2019, Capgemini India launched the LEAP Inclusion Digital Academy in Bangalore.

Anurag Pratap focuses on designing an overarching strategy for Capgemini’s Digital Inclusion and Sustainability function in India. In this role, Anurag crafts relevant goals, policies for all programs, develops and manages the annual budget for Digital Inclusion and operations, and communicates with and manages relationships with a broad set of stakeholders.