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Customer experience

Framework of the Future: A connected approach to hospitality transformation

A 360-degree view across operations, marketing, and sales can improve customer and employee experiences

Today’s travelers want digital-first experiences, brand personalization, and integration between tech and in-person interactions. But delivering these types of customer experiences introduces new hurdles for enterprises to overcome.

These challenges require organizations across the hospitality sector to unlock large-scale transformation. Businesses need to adopt new processes, strategies, and technologies that will enable them to provide the next generation of products and services and deliver the experiences that their customers and employees want.

Capgemini’s Framework of the Future helps companies focus on three fundamental pillars of business success: products and services, customers, and employees.

Hospitality organizations must transform the way they deliver products and services and create superior experiences for customers and employees.

This evolution begins with the implementation of transformative technologies that enhance the way businesses interact with their customers. Companies need to take a holistic approach to digital transformation and introduce integrated systems that simplify operations, collect data, and align with business goals.

Enterprises must also enhance and customize their experiences. Clients want more personalization and digital connectivity than ever before, and it’s up to businesses to adapt to these requirements. Employees need unified systems that are data-driven and integrate technology, and organizations must meet these needs by rethinking customer journeys and creating tech-fueled ecosystems that build a more robust foundation for employee experience.

Capgemini’s Framework of the Future helps organizations achieve a unified view across operations, marketing, and sales. It also helps hospitality organizations navigate the intersection of products, services, customers, and employees to achieve higher return on investment, drive business growth, develop the right products and services, and deliver exceptional experiences to get the future they want.

Download Framework of the Future: Connecting employee, customer, and service experiences in hospitality to discover how your organization can give customers and employees the experiences they desire while solving pain points across the business.