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5992 2023-RET-Grid Modernization

Build grid resilience and modernize energy architecture

Capgemini’s vPAC platform is the next generation of substation management

Major forces are transforming the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy. Companies are now obliged to adhere to new policies and meet net-zero emission targets.

Two-way intermittent energy production and storage is on the rise, demanding new and robust wind and solar infrastructure systems. Utility companies need a solution with inherent flexibility and resilience to modernize grids and substations to cope with disruption and achieve vital objectives.

Capgemini’s virtual Protection, Automation, and Control (vPAC) platform brings these capabilities to electric utility companies, equipping them with the required infrastructure and software components for operationalizing the monitoring and reporting functions of their substations.

Read Modernize energy architecture and achieve grid resilience with vPAC  to learn how utilities can drive sustainable energy generation and distribution for the future.