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5893 2023 - ServiceNow FFS
Intelligent industry

Accelerate franchisee profits and keep pace with the changing industry

Listen to the Innovation Today podcast to experience excellence that works

Industries and their dynamics are changing at an astonishing speed. Clients need solutions to increasingly complex problems.

Innovation Today, a ServiceNow podcast, delivers essential insight for keeping pace with changing industry dynamics. It explores how technology leaders are responding to today’s diverse challenges and how organizations can work smarter to position their service experience towards excellence.

In a recent episode, Jill Weber, Global Partner Executive at Capgemini, discussed how enterprises can accelerate franchisee profits. The focus was on connecting and automating manual processes to protect franchisees from losing thousands of dollars due to preventable errors and mistakes.

We invite you to listen to the episode and learn more.

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Our Expert

Jill Weber

Expert in Infrastructure Transformation Services, Service Integration (global)