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A new era of connectivity with 5G

What new opportunities are 5G creating and how much further will it take us in the coming years? Find out in our podcast.

From empowering the new world of hybrid working to remote diagnostics and numerous industrial, agricultural, and education use cases, 5G is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in all walks of life — but we’re only at the start of the journey.

Join Capgemini’s Pierre Fortier and Fotis Karonis, along with special guest Nadine Allen from Ericsson, as they discuss the rapidly evolving 5G landscape with show host Liz Lugnier.

5G is being built on three pillars: connectivity, for which huge investment is needed, data platforms, and the marketplace of applications. And, as we start to see its maturity grow around the world, our experts argue that it’s really important for governments to see that 5G and similar capabilities are now critical national infrastructures.

How does it differ from 4G? What about those regions yet to embrace either 4G or 5G? And what new skills are needed to match software development with industry specifics and the network-specific information required to industrialize 5G use cases? Looking beyond 5G, get ready to wake up and smell the coffee by the end of this decade — that’s a potential future scenario in the ‘internet of senses’ enabled by evolving network connectivity.

Tune in to our podcast to hear more about the fascinating reality and incredible game-changing potential of 5G.

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Our Speakers

Nadine Allen

Head of Enterprise Business Area – India, South East Asia & Oceania at Ericsson

Fotis Karonis

EVP, Global Head of 5G & Edge, Capgemini Group
“Advanced connectivity, 5G, and Edge computing technologies are strong enablers and accelerators for this move towards a digital economy and innovative use cases. They allow industrial clients to redesign systems and processes and make them more efficient, agile, and intelligent.”