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A faster pathway to value for the semiconductor industry

SemiPath delivers digital continuity across functions and enables better decisions

Semiconductor companies need accurate indicators to make financial and supply chain decisions based on real-time insights into manufacturing. Precise and timely data can be used to price chips and make allocation decisions based on profitability. Connected, real-time data enables the insights required to get to market quicker and with tighter integration between product lifecycle management and manufacturability.

Companies in the semiconductor value chain can keep pace with the fast-moving and cyclical nature of the industry and overcome functional and system silos through a framework of digital continuity. Doing so enables end-to-end visibility across functions and makes it easier to plan and execute effectively. Yet, the semiconductor industry has had a reluctance to take on expensive and disruptive technology and process transformations, however necessary. This creates a siloed environment of scattered data and systems, making it nearly impossible to run end-to-end operations smoothly.

Capgemini’s SemiPath solution enables digital continuity across key backbone systems of ERP, PLM, MES, and planning to improve decision making, business outcomes, and profitability.

This framework allows our clients to substantially reduce inventory while minimizing stock outs, improving pricing, profitability, and cashflow, and lessening master data challenges across the functional value chain.

Capgemini’s has more than 20 years of experience working with the semiconductor industry and understands the challenges of the rapidly changing dynamics. Capgemini is uniquely positioned to help customers across all aspects of this value chain. And we know what it means to connect innovation, reengineering, operations, and business functions through the thread of digital continuity to allow end-to-end planning and execution.

Learn how a strong data framework based on SemiPath digital continuity allows semiconductor companies to be more agile and make informed decisions. This, ultimately, drives better customer outcomes, including faster time to market, predictability, improved quality, and a lower price.

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