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Redefining automotive experience

Daniel Davenport
23 Sep 2022

Capgemini and AWS are in the fast lane to the future of connected mobility

The automotive future for OEMs is CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric. Drivers, passengers, and fleet operators expect more innovative and personalized digital experiences, along with safety and reliability, in vehicles. It is a new roadway for OEMs to navigate.

Capgemini and AWS have partnered to provide OEMs a clear path to build the next generation of vehicles.

Trusted Vehicle

Trusted Vehicle, built on the AWS Connected Mobility Solution, accelerates time-to-market with a secure, scalable platform to create the next generation of use cases. Its car-to-cloud-to-consumer connections open opportunities in fleet management, EV charging, payments, routing, and consumer mobile apps. It allows OEMs to build the cars people want and then create meaningful brand experiences for drivers, passengers, and fleet managers. Leveraging Trusted Vehicle on AWS will speed development and move OEMs into the mobility market faster with security and scalability.

Automation and systems validation

Capgemini and AWS drive development of safe and autonomous vehicles. While fully autonomous operation is on its way, the journey is still long and complex because acceptable safety and reliability levels require hundreds of thousands of kilometers of road testing and validation. These tests generate significant amounts of data to manage and understand.

Capgemini can propel:

AV/ADAS strategy. We help OEMs navigate legal and compliance constraints and gain regulatory approvals by establishing traceability, test reports, and justification files to achieve common industry standards.
Global data collection and ingestion. We can manage hybrid approaches with AWS Outposts, compute and storage pools which improve performance, in more than 65 countries. This means faster time-to-data that is scalable and pay-as-you-go.
Simulation and validation. AWS provides a powerful platform using EC2 instances and machine-learning models to simulate millions of scenarios that safeguards against mistakes in the real world.

Capgemini and AWS know how to bring together the hardware, software, scenarios, and testing models needed while breaking down silos across teams, data, and ecosystems. This means OEMs can bring self-driving cars powered by data to market sooner.

Software-defined vehicles

In-vehicle software platforms are the future. Capgemini can help OEMs transform fast to deliver new, connected driving experiences and ADAS capabilities. Our software-defined vehicle solution can drive:

• Cloud-to-chip and chip-to-cloud links for complete coverage of emerging car capabilities. This includes HPC and Zonal E/E architecture, connectivity and data, embedded software, hybrids, and microservices with safety, security, and sustainability first. And it enables feedback loops to create better driving experiences.
• DevSecOps to establish and operate agile software factories that combine software and automotive engineering experience.

Capgemini and AWS are already helping OEMs deliver new experiences leveraging the power of data and software.

Accelerate development and get to market faster with security and scalability. Capgemini and AWS provide the tools to OEMs to transform and drive a new future. New software and services will drive change and better experiences for every vehicle owner. It is time to get into the fast lane for the future of mobility you want.