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Persona-led platform design drives enhanced finance intelligence

Daniel Jarzecki
12 Dec 2022

Customized, persona-led design drives adoption of a finance intelligence analytics platform, creates a data-driven culture, and enables a more frictionless approach to finance operations.

According to recent Capgemini research, only 50% of organizations benefit from data-driven decision-making, while only 39% of organizations successfully turn data-driven insights into sustained competitive advantage.

In the world of finance and accounting (F&A), this really begs the question: how can your finance function implement an analytics platform that gives its users the insights they need to unlock potential and value for your organization?

No one size fits all

We live in a world full of information that comes at us from almost every aspect of our lives. We’re constantly bombarded with content, most of which has no relevance to us. And we appreciate the option to personalize how we receive and store this information through adding it to our feeds and favorites.

The F&A world works in exactly the same way. The three main personas that work with finance intelligence in your F&A function (CFO, transformation lead, and service delivery lead) need the right dashboards and metrics embedded into an easy-to-use platform that gives them the information they need to provide actionable insights at the touch of a button.

Let’s take accounts payable invoice processing as an example and reference the same input data. While a finance intelligence platform can give visibility on the status of all open or unpaid invoices to your service delivery leads (SDL), your transformation leads (TL) will be more typically interested in the healthiness of the overall invoice channels mix (paper, email, e-invoice, etc.), while the CFO will only want to look at the days payable outstanding (DPO) metric.

Furthermore, fraud risk alerts will be relevant for the CFO and your SDLs, while metrics such as on-time payment will only interest your TLs and SDLs.

The same metric – but at a different granularity level – can be relevant to different personas. For example, a single unpaid invoice vs. the systematic problem of late payment.

But how can you customize your finance intelligence platform for different personas and users?

Persona-led analytics platform design

Understanding the role and tasks of your users enables you to select the most relevant content for each persona and build customized dashboards that help them be more productive. Showing a limited number of meaningful and actionable KPIs also helps your users stay focused on the right areas.

The more seamless the adoption of a next-generation finance intelligence platform, the closer you are to establishing a data-driven culture. And while having the business insights alone will not make your challenges go away, having the right analytics and alerts in front of you will help you make the optimal decisions you need to succeed.

In turn, this enables you to give your customers what they want, while achieving the benefits of a truly Frictionless Enterprise.

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