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Let’s reinvent the Onboarding experience

Dr. Sandra Duesing
16 Jan 2023

Explore Capgemini’s HR Cloud Advisory approach to support the optimal onboarding experience as part of “Experience Excellence in HR”

The current HR Cloud market is broad and offers a variety of unique features and functionalities that can often be difficult to keep track of. Regardless of the type of system (e.g., HR suite, HR enterprise platform, or experience solution), the right decisions should be taken with a focus on People’s Experience, Experience Excellence in HR and not forget the “Experience Excellence Value Case” focusing on the optimal balance between HR automation ambition, HR IT investments and the level of people experience and seamless workflow design desired. Careful consideration of all companies, business, people, HR and IT-related requirements is essential to ensure that the right solution is selected, the configuration is a success, and will fit with the company’s business case and experience culture.

HR Cloud selection and implementation

To take the right decisions, we recommend a structured vendor selection approach in the first step that guarantees the future HR Cloud system selected best fits the company’s budget, HR products & Service Delivery ambition, process requirements (e.g. in terms of ET&C, legal compliance) and the desired people experience & way of working culture. Afterward, a cloud readiness assessment stream ensures that the company can start the subsequent cloud implementation with all necessary preparations and requirements. To achieve all this, a detailed upfront consideration of the targeted HR IT strategy and vision is a must, defining the organization’s future HR IT Landscape ambition and related optimization and investment need decisions to be taken.

For a successful cloud implementation, it is crucial to also empower the HR team, employees, and managers as new processes are rolled out, political obstacles are carefully managed and moderated and a joint future cloud mindset is proactively promoted and growing. Our dedicated cloud advisory approach combined with agile program & change management capabilities is tailored for the suite, enterprise and experience solutions, and associated vendors. It is developed by agnostic HR Cloud Advisory & systems experts and enables customers to take the right decisions, from technical and functional perspectives. When handled in this way, organizations can generate major benefits towards seamless workflow and process design as well as HR IT architecture optimization and the defined Experience Excellence Value Case.

Rethink the onboarding experience

But what does this all mean in concrete terms? Let’s dig into one prominent example our clients frequently address as their major area of concern: large potential for experience-driven HR IT optimization is frequently identified e.g., in the Onboarding process. This process focuses on how organizations integrate new employees and prepare them for their new roles. When the process is successfully streamlined in our experience-driven way, we directly see project outcomes such as improved retention rates, employee engagement, and productivity as return on investment. But how to? As part of our HR IT Onboarding redesign of end-to-end processes, structures and responsibilities are reviewed and redefined in the experience-/ user journey-driven way considering all external and internal stakeholders involved, such as external workers, recruiters, hiring managers, IT employees, etc. This makes Onboarding processes for the HR IT landscape optimization certainly increasingly complex.

Almost all major HR management software platforms offer their own Onboarding modules. In this blog series, we take a closer look at the offerings from vendors of the suite solutions Oracle, SAP and Workday, as well as the enterprise solution, ServiceNow. Furthermore, we will offer an approach that leads to the optimal Onboarding experience, covering three Onboarding phases leveraged by HR Cloud technologies.

Our next blog #1 takes a closer look at creating the decisive factor for employees to stay by leveraging HR Cloud technologies.

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Part of Capgemini’s HR CloudWatch Blog, hosted by Dr. Sandra Duesing, Vice President of Capgemini Invent Germany, and the Global Head of “Reinventing HR.”

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