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Giving back to our communities in a virtual environment


Value in the making – this is the idea that drives our business. We believe that value generation also describes our dedication to helping those in need and providing community service. Even now, when we spend more time in a virtual environment, we still have the opportunity to make a difference.

Corporate social responsibility is part of Sogeti’s DNA. Our goal is to inspire change and empower people around the world. With our global footprint, we can act on this philosophy to improve quality of life in disadvantaged populations. This is an especially important moment for this kind of support, as many continue to struggle during this difficult and unpredictable time.

Sogeti’s Summer of Service is our initiative for encouraging our team members to give back to local communities in a fun and collaborative manner. It encourages Sogetians to work with local charities and organizations in the form of a friendly competition, promoting group engagement in an effort to come together for a good cause.

Sogeti encourages its employees to support the causes they find most meaningful. Each effort consists of at least five participants who plan a CSR activity for an organization of their choice. Activities can include food drives, charity events, youth-mentoring programs, tree-planting initiatives, and more. They can even include knowledge-sharing activities to teach students about valuable IT skills for today’s digital age.

New for 2020 is our transition to a virtual giving program. This has provided greater flexibility in planning activities and ensures safety for those involved. Some of these projects are entirely new, adding to a growing list of different ways we work to give back. Here are some examples of activities Sogetians performed in a virtual environment:

  • Offering free virtual workshops introducing coding to girls in grades K-12
  • Holding virtual fundraising drives for food banks and school supplies
  • Writing encouragement cards to senior citizens isolated at home during quarantine
  • Organizing virtual walks and bike rides in support of various organizations

The Summer of Service program is our valued tradition and we are very excited to share this with you. But, most of all, this is an opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of committing to our local communities and providing assistance as best we can. In 2019, more than 1,250 volunteers supported 76 charities, raised over $34,000, and provided many items and food donations and hours of service to improve the lives of 58,000 people.

At Sogeti, we take pride in providing assistance to those who need it most. This is perhaps the greatest form of value we can give.