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CGS MuleSoft Capabilities Interview with Lini Abraham and Suresh Nayak


Capgemini Government Solutions deals with many projects that involve integration or require the monitoring and transfer of large amounts of data. It’s growing increasingly imperative for connectivity to become a core competency for the federal space to move faster and evolve its digital experiences to keep pace with industry trends.

MuleSoft allows for leveraging expertise to optimize an application network. APIs can be designed, built and managed on the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform, and these APIs are transformational resulting in automation, efficiency, and consistency.

As a recently hired technical consultant at CGS, I wanted to dive more into MuleSoft to further understand its benefits and implications. To do this, I reached out to Lini Abraham and Suresh Nayak, who are both managers at CGS and heavily involved in CGS’s MuleSoft practice.

Here is what I learned from Lini:

Q: Can you speak to your role at Capgemini? What is your expertise with MuleSoft?

A: I am a manager for Capgemini Government Solutions Cross-Cut team. I work on many projects involving MuleSoft and have the MuleSoft integration architect certification.

Q: What is the main current need for MuleSoft in the federal space?

A: MuleSoft aids the process of cloud adaptation and transformation for federal clients. This includes the seamless migration of data from legacy systems to cloud, delivering easy-to-manage APIs, and API-led connectivity amongst on-premise or cloud platforms.

Q: Could you give a little more detail about the benefits MuleSoft can add to an integration?

A:  MuleSoft utilizes an API-led approach which utilizes APIs as reusable assets which can transform data into processes or information and deliver an experience to users as well. MuleSoft also reduces potential challenges using its Exchange platform in which API solutions that have already been developed for a specific purpose can be reused by others. Lastly MuleSoft provides users with detailed analytics that make sense out of data and allow the monitoring of API usage.

Q: I’m very interested in learning more about MuleSoft, what resources are available for me to learn and get my Career started?

A: Currently, MuleSoft offers tutorials which can teach users about the AnyPoint platform and other features. The tutorial also prepares one for the MuleSoft Certified Developer certification which is a great starting point for anyone interested in a career involving MuleSoft.

Here is what I learned from Suresh:

Q: When working with a Federal client, what are some general challenges that they face, and how can Capgemini solve them using MuleSoft?

A: Application Integration allows federal clients who have a wide range of applications on various platforms and technology stacks to operate efficiently.

Another challenge is operational efficiency. Federal agencies have multiple point-to-point integrations using various technologies. MuleSoft API-led approach results in a simplified architecture and creates a hub full of reusable assets that can help operational efficiency. 

Q: What initially drew you into federal consulting (specifically Capgemini)?

A: I think our public sector mission is very important and wanted to help while also gaining access to innovative technologies.

Q: What led to Capgemini sponsoring the 2019 MuleSoft Summit?

A: There is a large federal need for cost effective integration tools and MuleSoft addresses those needs. Capgemini has won four partner of the year awards from MuleSoft, and we wanted to further extend our expertise throughout the federal space.

It is important to get exposure as a company that can implement MuleSoft. Capgemini has successfully implemented a project at a large government agency that provisions and synchronizes users across multiple Salesforce organizations using MuleSoft.

We hope this interview with a few of our Data Migration experts was informative about Capgemini’s MuleSoft capabilities.  Please click here to learn more about Capgemini Government Solutions Technology Consulting capabilities.

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