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Catching Up with Capgemini Alums: Katie Glazier

29 Sep 2022

After graduating college, Katie Glazier joined Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS) as a Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant. After progressing in her career, she became a Manager and led a team. After 5 years at Capgemini, Katie made the next step in her career journey and joined Uber in 2021.

Katie has maintained residence in the DMV, residing in Falls Church, Virginia living with her husband, Chris and their dog, Moose. They enjoy spending time traveling for friends’ weddings, seeing family, and doing house projects.

Tell us about your current position. What skills did you develop in consulting that you use at your role with Uber?

I’m currently a Sr. Strategic Operations Manager on the Core Products team within US & Canada Rider Operations at Uber. My primary focus is on the central operations of Uber Reservations, leveraging the skills that I developed in consulting daily. Data analysis and stakeholder management are integral aspects of my current role, and I developed these while at Capgemini. Data-backed reasoning is essential to making an informed decision on whether or not to expand a product to a new market. Additionally, monitoring KPIs is critical to measuring growth as well as ensuring we catch any issues early on.  
When it comes to stakeholder management, my experience balancing the client-consultant relationship was very helpful in setting me up for success working with cross-functional partner teams at Uber. Whether I am working with a data scientist, product manager, engineer, or the marketing team, there is the need for constant communication and ability to stick up for your opinions while maintaining good rapport with important business partners.

Any advice that you can give to the consultants to grow in their career?

As hard and as cliche as it sounds, it would be to put yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations. I grew the most in challenging situations. Go after a new certification, volunteer to attend a training or conference, learn SQL, ask to lead a client meeting or present on a project. Say yes to helping out on an RFI/RFP when you can.  This also includes getting involved in other projects outside of immediate client and business development work. I found working on a Capgemini Committee to be a lot of work, but really rewarding. All of these are ways to build your personal brand and get name recognition over time. It also provides

the opportunity to network with individuals outside of your client-site. The same thing goes for extracurricular opportunities. Even if you’re an introvert like me, say yes to kickball on the National Mall, charity soccer tournaments, and happy hours. You won’t regret it!

If you were to teach a class on one thing, what would you teach?

I’d probably choose something related to work-life balance. It was a topic that really interested me while leading the Future of Work Committee, and it has never been more relevant as we navigate out of the COVID-19 pandemic and into our new normal. Working from home was a double-edged sword for many, and it’s so important to establish personal and professional boundaries and check-in with yourself to make sure you’re not feeling burnt out. It’s also helpful to speak openly with colleagues of all levels, learn from them, and emulate healthy habits that foster a fulfilling, but balanced, work environment. I’ve been lucky to always have leaders at both CGS and Uber reiterate “family comes first” and I hope to perpetuate that motto. 

What is one thing, personally or professionally, you are looking forward to?

My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe next year! We’re currently in the very early planning stages, but we know we want to go to Paris and Barcelona. I love the research involved with traveling somewhere new, and then planning out an itinerary. We can’t wait to see which ‘bucket-list’ items we cross off on this trip!