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Capgemini and Amazon Connect – taking CX performance to a new level


Customer service has been transformed in recent years, and much of the progress is technology driven. Customer expectations have grown, and customer experience (CX) platform offerings have risen to meet the challenge.

Amazon Connect is a case in point. It provides a seamless omnichannel experience across voice and chat for callers and agents. It’s easy to set up and manage; it’s scalable in line with demand; and it’s built on a platform that is highly available, fault-tolerant, and open. It’s smart and easy to tailor, too: for instance, organizations can easily configure skills-based routing strategies, i.e., route customer transactions to agents who have the requisite skills for the query.

The benefits of the platform are clear to customer-facing businesses, and to the people they serve – but they are also clear to experienced service providers. At Capgemini, for instance, we look at Amazon Connect, and we see how we can bring our own knowledge and skills to bear in a way that can take CX performance to new levels.


There are several ways in which Capgemini adds value to Amazon Connect.

The contact center model we build upon the Amazon platform puts customers at its heart, and a right-touch model ensures that services are customized for each internal organizational role. Customer-centricity is also evident in the user interface designs, virtual agents, and other innovations that we bring to bear, across sectors, and across services.

For example, we follow a systematic approach in increasing self-service levels and optimizing and automating repetitive tasks, using various conversational interfaces options. We also deliver integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as part of the technology stack, enabling real-time analysis of interactions, and so enabling improvements in customer contact flows that are simple to develop and tailor.

The better the CX this technology can help our client organizations to provide, the more likely it is they will achieve first-contact resolution, and the happier their customers will be.

… and agent support

Customers are central, but the experience of agents is important, too. We can help organizations to take advantage of Amazon Connect’s strengths in ways that make tasks easier and more rewarding for contact center team members. For instance, the GUI-based Contact Control Panel can be configured to provide access in real time to relevant chat content, and to analytics of call content, including sentiment analysis, all of which can help agents to make appropriate responses. Also, the openness of the platform enables agents to create and complete tasks including customer follow-ups in external applications.

We also work closely with our clients to make full use of the platform’s ability to unify customer profiles. Information such as contact history, address, and recent orders can be aggregated from multiple repositories and then delivered to agents when any work – a call, a webchat, or another task – is routed to them, so they can provide a more personalized service.

Business benefits

Working with a service provider who has sector and platform-specific experience can also deliver significant advantages to the enterprise as a whole – and not just in terms of increased customer satisfaction, either.

At Capgemini, we aim to ensure that benefits start to accrue early in the transition. For us, the design, development, and deployment of the Amazon Connect platform is part of a wider program of process re-engineering, streamlining, and improving. It has enabled us to achieve efficiencies on Amazon Connect implementations of up to 20% on Day 1.

We also help organizations by giving team leaders single, tailored dashboards from which they can manage and track the status of the calls, chats, and tasks being handled by their agents. This, in turn, makes it easier to set up and route new transactions in line with circumstances, and with the strengths of individual agents.

A continuing journey

At the top of this article, I noted how great a part the technology has played in recent years in transforming the CX.

That journey is far from over. Platforms such as Amazon Connect are going to keep developing, and if customer-facing organizations are going to continue to take advantage of innovations, they’ll need to stay in step. That’s why, as part of our offer, we regularly review the contact center journey to ensure not only that it’s technologically current, but that it’s compliant with the latest regulations.

A great CX adds value to the relationship businesses develop with the people they serve. At Capgemini, we feel it’s only right that service providers live by the same mantra.

Philip Bush is the Amazon Connect SME & GTM Lead in North America focusing on cloud contact center modernization across all business sectors.

Antoine Grappin

Antoine Grappin focuses on digital transformation driven by technology across sectors and business processes globally.

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