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Senior Service Delivery Manager


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Tell me about you and your role at Capgemini.

I’m a Senior Service Delivery Manager and based out of Phoenix, AZ. I support several clients in the life sciences industry.

Tell me about your career journey.

 I’ve been with Capgemini for almost 20 years. I’ve been in multiple departments within Capgemini, moving across business units to grow and make sure that I am continuously learning.

What about Capgemini attracted you most?

The flexibility of the company. I’ve been through multiple roles in different business units, and I think that flexibility is something I really find at Capgemini. They let you have your opportunities open in terms of choosing your career path and growth; if you think you can shift left or shift right, you can just do it. The leadership that I’ve worked with has always been very encouraging, so that flexibility and adaptability is something I like very much.

What does a typical day for a Senior Service Delivery Manager look like?

Most  of my day is dedicated to client calls – how we can support them, how we can quickly fix a problem to make sure that their day-to-day business has no disruptions, but also make improvements for them to transform their own services. In general, being sure that everything is successful and running smoothly.

What do you like the most about working at Capgemini?

I love being able to work across borders. I love learning and upskilling myself. I worked in India for about 14 years and have been in the US for the past five years. It was only made possible because Capgemini believed in me. Leaders create an open space where I can deliver and talk about my ideas without being afraid. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like – all the things I could have imagined and dreamed of have been provided to me here.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini is very transparent in terms of – okay, you want to progress in your career? Choose the path that you want for yourself. There are so many different journeys that you can take. There are times when there are going be delays, there are times when there are going to be roadblocks, it’s not that it’s unusual but you are not going to be left alone and I have never been left alone in my journey here.

The amount of investment, the amount of transparency, the empowerment that you get here is phenomenal, and I think it is what counts.