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Senior Manager, Artificial Intelligence Leader


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Government Solutions

Tell me about your role as a Senior Manager and Artificial Intelligence Leader. What does a typical day look like for you?

Currently, my job is fluid in the sense that there is a lot of opportunity for growth, specifically within the artificial intelligence realm. We are making significant strides working with the global public sector – offering and leveraging artificial-intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to clients in the United States. There is emerging technology to create change and transform data to give clients the ability to see insights in their daily operations and priorities by visualizing their citizens. It is an exciting time with a lot of room for innovation and liberty for leadership to build a talented team. This is what I stay continually excited about the day-to-day because the people are what make Capgemini Government Solutions all that it is.

How do you see Capgemini’s purpose being played out?

I see Capgemini as a hub for innovation. Technologically, important things have always happened here. But Capgemini is also continuously transforming socially and culturally; and I feel honored to contribute to this journey through socializing what we stand for: the experience-driven idea that we can achieve results while lifting people as we climb. I became a subject matter expert and leader at Capgemini by being big on conversations, on listening to my colleagues, clients, and business partners. I approach every interaction with the idea that I can empower the use of data to do good for people. Put simply: people matter, results count.

Are you involved in an Employee Resource Group?

I am heavily involved in the HOLA employee resource group, which stands for Hispanic Opportunity Leadership Achievement. HOLA was instrumental in my onboarding to Capgemini and learning the ropes. I identify myself significantly with a lot of the colleagues who make up the employee resource group. They are a soundboard for idea solutions – regardless of personal or professional decisions. We’ve had sessions on how we can bring a particular solution to an area, which has not only encouraged me to continue my learning but really expanded my understanding of what community can be. My involvement in HOLA has encouraged me to further develop how I can be culturally inclusive regarding gender equality, diversity, and socioeconomic status. These are all unique perspectives that exist at Capgemini and are what make us such a terrific place to work.

What is one of your most memorable moments in your Capgemini journey?

A memorable experience for me would be my day-to-day interfacing with clients. The daily opportunities I have reveal the impact of our technology, and how our clients use data science and tools to better the lives of their stakeholders and the people that they serve. Becoming a subject matter expert in the field is also a testament to my commitment and to my willingness to put in the necessary work to bring and drive the change that Capgemini has been able to achieve to the public sector.

How are you working towards getting the future you want?

One of the things that I’ve learned at the organization is that to succeed, you must be big on conversation and on listening to our clients, to our colleagues, and our stakeholders. One of the ways that I am working towards getting the future I want is by socializing the idea that people matter and results count. I interpret this by approaching my daily work at Capgemini ensuring that we achieve results, but also ensuring that I lift people as I climb.