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Managing Applications Consultant


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Tell us about your career journey at Capgemini.

I joined Capgemini as a business analyst within the SAP practice. Coming from an accounting background, SAP was brand new to me, but I loved the fact that Capgemini gave me all the learning and training I needed to be successful. Most recently, I transitioned into a new role as a PX manager. PX managers are the champions of culture, so no matter where you sit in the business, my job is to make sure I create a harmonizing experience that employees are happy to be part of.

How did you transition from business analyst to PX manager?

Transitioning from a business analyst to PX manager really started from all my involvement with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Being active in ERGs allowed me to connect with the opportunity and the right people. After aligning with my people manager and the hiring manager, it was decided that all the skills I had gained from my role as a business analyst and through the ERGs really aligned with the role of a PX manager. So, the transition was pretty seamless and amplifies what peer connections can do for you at Capgemini. The fact that I was able to network and speak with people about what I was interested in and a role that was created fit my interests, I think is amazing.

You attribute your new role to being involved in ERGs. Tell me about that.

Absolutely! I am a national co-lead for the Black X ERG. Our mission is to further the development of diversity and inclusion within Capgemini, as well as promote Capgemini’s core values, with an emphasis on communities of African descent. We create leadership, development, and learning opportunities for our community so that they can become better leaders at Capgemini. Working as a leader within an ERG and collaborating with other ERGs have really given me new perspectives and soft skills to enable me to be a stronger leader myself. When we are able to deep dive into underrepresented communities, we can see what is fair or unfair, working or not working, and we can help steer the organization and be more inclusive.

What is one of your favorite memories working at Capgemini?

One of my fondest memories was pre-pandemic when we set up events with Junior Achievement. We were able to do a “Day in the Life” with students in Houston and bring them to the Capgemini office. We had colleagues come in to provide a different perspective of how it has been for them in the workplace, and what their adjustment was like. It really hit home for me because we brought in the school I went to growing up in Houston. It was great to see it come full circle – when I was their age, I didn’t know anything about consulting or even know what it was. To watch them see that and ask questions – that was probably my most memorable time here at Capgemini.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini is helping me get the future I want because it allows me to create a network that I never imagined I’d have. I’ve become more bold, more authentic, and I have fun when I do my work. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the people I work with. I also love the fact that I have the flexibility with hybrid working – I am able to go into an office and meet with colleagues and leaders, but also be home with my family when needed.