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Commercial and Contract Manager


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Commercial and contract management

Tell us about your career journey at Capgemini.

I joined Capgemini as a business analyst within the SAP practice. Coming from an accounting background, SAP was brand new to me, but I loved the fact that Capgemini gave me all the learning and training I needed to be successful. As a business analyst, I was client-facing and wanted a way to stay connected with my colleagues outside my project, so I became an active member of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). It was through all my involvement with ERGs that I have been able to build a network that connected with the right opportunity and the right people. I moved into the people experience (PX) manager role, which was brand new at the time, and I loved it. It was my job to be a champion of culture, to make sure I create a harmonizing experience that employees are happy to be part of.

After some time as a PX manager, I decided I really wanted to see a different side of the business. I see myself as a future leader here [at Capgemini], so it was important for me to really understand all facets of the business, and I took on a role as a Commercial and Contract Manager.

What is your new role?

It’s a globally established business function that contributes as a whole to the group’s performance, by bringing that commercial and contract management expertise into different projects from a sales and engagement delivery perspective.

We ensure that the contracts are established in a way that mitigates any potential risk that you could see coming in that project, with the goal of ensuring a good client relationship.

You’ve had a lot of career mobility within Capgemini. Tell us about these transitions and the type of support you received.

The mobility that I’ve been able to achieve here at Capgemini has been truly outstanding; they emphasize building your network and connections with folks that could be in different business units whether it could be in the Capgemini office during an event that’s going on or initiatives where you meet leaders or just other colleagues that have the same passions. It really helps when you’re looking into different parts of the business.

I have interviewed for many different roles, some I didn’t land but, at the end of the day, it still provided me with a connection to a new person. Having folks who you can reach out to, to vouch and say that you do good work, especially at a company like Capgemini where we have over 340,000 employees across the globe is really beneficial. So, knowing that I wanted to make this transition, being able to reach out to leaders in different areas and say, hey, who are the people that I need to talk to? If you were interested in sales, if you were interested in AI, if you were interested in financial services, with a good network you’re able to talk to those folks and find who are the right people are to talk to.

What does a typical day for a commercial and contract manager look like?

We first get a request for proposal from the sales team. We establish, between us and the client, the work they want to be done. We work to build the offer and get those different internal sign offs. Next, we set up calls and get into the negotiations and what our strategy will be. We try to interpret some of the different client pressures that we could expect to come from them on that side too, during the negotiation phase, and then we close the deal.

Once we close the deal and we have the contract in place with all the signatures, it moves into managing the contract and then we sign that contract off from us over to the delivery team so then they get up to speed on what their roles and responsibilities are.

So, on a typical day to day for me, I would manage one project all the way through, depending on that project lifecycle. It could be managing that project for three months; it could also be a project that could last as long as two years. So, being that person who could manage and understand that contract and resolve any sort of disputes that could be happening during the project.

What is one of your favorite memories working at Capgemini?

One of my fondest memories was pre-pandemic when we set up events with Junior Achievement. We were able to do a “Day in the Life” with students in Houston and bring them to the Capgemini office. We had colleagues come in to provide a different perspective of how it has been for them in the workplace, and what their adjustment was like. It really hit home for me because we brought in the school I went to growing up in Houston. It was great to see it come full circle – when I was their age, I didn’t know anything about consulting or even know what it was. To watch them see that and ask questions – that was probably my most memorable time here at Capgemini.

How is Capgemini helping you get the future you want?

Capgemini is helping me get the future I want because it allows me to create a network that I never imagined I’d have. I’ve become more bold, more authentic, and I have fun when I do my work. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the people I work with. I also love the fact that I have the flexibility with hybrid working – I am able to go into an office and meet with colleagues and leaders, but also be home with my family when needed.