Scientists and postgraduates


Are you passionate about science? Join our community of scientists, engineers and mathematicians to solve real-world challenges at the forefront of science and technology.

In our Hybrid Intelligence team, over half of our colleagues have a PhD. That’s because at Capgemini Engineering, we offer an excellent place for your research and academic background to solve clients’ challenges with innovative solutions.

A world of opportunity

You will join an innovation-driven environment that will provide you with opportunities to continuously expand your knowledge, enhance your skills, and advance your career. Projects cover a variety of technical skills, from data science, AI and machine learning to designing and developing custom software solutions and tools. We want to see you thrive, and enjoy a career that matches your ambitions. Your learning will never stop.

Our work is at the cutting-edge of high-tech research and development. You will work on exciting projects, where learning new domains and technologies is key. You will apply innovative thinking alongside using your existing skills and experience to solve new challenges. With our huge range of projects, you will gain insight into some of the top science and engineering companies in the world.

Every project we work on makes a difference. At Capgemini Engineering, you will apply your existing skills and domain expertise to solve complex, real-world technical problems. For example, our work takes us from fighting diseases in life sciences to developing more sustainable products in consumer industries. With our huge range of projects, you will gain insight into some of the top science and engineering companies in the world.

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Capgemini Engineering helps innovative organizations around the world unleash their R&D potential and engineer the products and services of tomorrow, thanks to the latest digital and software technologies.

Our teams work every day on game-changing projects, and are encouraged to develop their skills to the highest level to realize their full potential.

Our research and innovation programs are business accelerators that help clients with high-intensity R&D to reveal the value of incremental and disruptive technologies.