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Reid Bradt, a recent campus hire, reached out to Ricardo Benn, a Principal at CGS who leads our Management Consulting practice, to learn more about the services we offer.

Capgemini Government Solutions applies management consulting expertise in each of its projects.  The management consulting practice area covers a range of topics from financial management to strategic planning and data analysis.

As a new business consultant at CGS, I was interested in learning more about our management consulting practice so I reached out to Ricardo Benn for an interview.

Mr. Benn, a principle at CGS, is the management consulting practice area lead. He is an accomplished Program Manager with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of leading and managing complex engagements and organizational transformation in a variety of project environments. Through his work with both public sector and private sector clients, Mr. Benn focuses on delivering advisory services in project management, strategic planning, analytics, change management, financial management, and economic analysis.

Here is what I learned from Mr. Benn:

Q: What is your background with management consulting?

A: I originally worked on financial, economic, and developing business cases by helping clients reevaluate budgets, look at more holistic processes, evaluate missions, strategies, and roadmaps.

Q: How does CGS organize its management consulting practice?

A: Currently the way we envision management consulting is through the intersection of Capgemini’s strengths and current market demand.  We align our pockets of capabilities and where clients have demand.  We also leverage our commercial strengths in our federal projects.

We have areas that are compartmentalized to showcase our capabilities, but the overall goal is to have a sensing organization with various areas of expertise and a holistic approach to problems.

CGS Management Consulting is composed of Financial Management, Business Optimization, and Data Analytics.  Business Optimization includes: Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and Business Process Reengineering. The Financial management practice is focused on CFO advisory, helping clients think through capital planning and investment decisions. Data Analytics includes Salesforce, Einstein, Tableau, and PowerBI.

Q: When working with federal clients, what are some problems Capgemini solves using management consulting capabilities?

A: Every challenge our client has intrinsically has management consulting built in.

We approach each unique problem with management consulting as an entry point. We may take an explicit look at budget, analytic capability, or suggest other technologies that can help.  We often use management consulting to show clients how to consider other perspectives.

It is easier for folks to understand our capabilities because of the defined capabilities we have (SAP, Salesforce), but management consulting requires a disciplined group of individuals that understand external and internal factors.  These people gain experience and training that people get from working on multiple engagements.

Q: What sets Capgemini apart from competitors in terms of management consulting capabilities?

A: CGS doesn’t force-feed solutions. Because we have a large body of experience applying tech in commercial space, and because we’ve been successful taking those capabilities into the federal market successfully, enables us to bring a more comprehensive view to understanding our client’s challenges.

We hope this interview with Ricardo was informative about Capgemini’s Management Consulting practice.  Please click here to learn more about Capgemini Government Solutions Management Consulting Solutions.

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