Piotr Skorus

Senior Business Transformation Analyst

First thought that comes to mind when you think Capgemini is… opportunity.

Capgemini understands that in order to stay competitive on the market and to deliver excellent service to our clients, they have to take care of people development. As a Senior Business Transformation Analyst I have a chance to work with high-level experts who don’t hesitate to share their knowledge with you or teach you our best practices frequently used in our GBS Consulting Team.

Our team also provides you access to all the necessary tools, courses and trainings which may help you expand your knowledge day by day.

In summary, you receive all the resources you need to become great and it depends solely from you what you will do with it.

What is your typical working day like?

Oh, it’s really hard to give just one good answer as it changes dynamically! Basically, your next day’s tasks may vary from what you were doing today. However, majority of our responsibilities are revolving around our clients and their needs in widely understood business transformation. Depending on the project, I’m conducting workshops and trainings, supporting client in designing his processes and advising him on best possible solutions. Nevertheless, sometimes I also need to complete more “calm” tasks, for example creating reports, presentation decks, etc.

What do you value working in the FPIA Consulting team?

There are so many factors! First of all, this is kind of a job where you always have something new to learn. There is no stagnation at any level and it’s more like a path of continuous improvement, as being a Consultant involves so many different skills. Secondly, it requires from you to work with people, whether it’s your team or people on client’s side, you always must have common goal and work towards it together. And of course, there is all the travel and the opportunity to meet your client eye to eye! Sadly, during the pandemic time we had to switch our meetings to online calls but I hope we’ll be back in a plane soon!

Taking the above into consideration, there is rarely a time when I feel bored.

What capabilities should present a person who wants to work at FPIA Consulting?

In my opinion these would be: flexibility, willingness to learn (all the time!) and to work with people. Also being able to step outside your comfort zone from time to time 😉

What would you say to people who are thinking about developing their career at Capgemini in the FPIA Consulting team?

I would say that if you don’t like monotonous work and you’re up for a next, great challenge, we will gladly welcome you in our team.

What do you enjoy the most in your spare time?

I love surfing, therefore majority of my holidays need to be close-to-an ocean destinations. My other passion which I can develop on more daily basis routine is CrossFit and maintaining healthy lifestyle. I also like playing video games 😊

Piotr Skorus