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What role will you play in the EV charging revolution?

Capgemini brings state of the art and end to end offerings for cloud-based charging infrastructure management and associated services to enable the digital evolution and sustainability goals in the e-mobility space.

The missing piece

It’s hard to believe just how recently electric vehicles hit our streets. Just a couple of years ago, serious engineers still locked horns in debates over batteries, costs and public demand. Since then, the number of EVs sold has skyrocketed – doubling from 3 million in 2020 to over 6 million in 2021. And as the technology evolves and costs come down, we can expect the early adopter phase to soon give way to mass appeal. Soon tens of millions of electric vehicles will be on our roads. So… where is all the EV-charging infrastructure? Where are the services? Diverse opportunities

The EV charging infrastructure that will be needed presents a vast array of opportunities. We’re not looking at simply replacing gas stations with charging stations. Rather, we expect multiple different charging needs, each of which presents an opportunity.

  • Some will choose slow but sustainable charging during daytime.
  • Some will require a charge as fast as possible, so they can get back on the road.
  • Some drivers will be happy to leave their vehicles charging for an hour or more – provided the charging station is connected to shops, cafes, hairdressers or other activities.
  • And most car owners will leave their cars to charge overnight, when electricity is cheapest.

In the near future we will all be the customers of EV charging services. How we use them, and what we value most will be as diverse as the cars we drive.

End to end (and beyond)

But there is one thing that all customers will have in common. They will expect EV charging services to be efficient, powered by data, and seamlessly coordinated end to end. The organizations which come out ahead in the long term will:

  • build agility into the core of their strategy
  • gather and use data to drive predictions and decisions
  • forge lasting partnerships

Capgemini’s decades of experience operating in smart grid transformation enables us to connect the multiple pieces of an evolving and successful EV charging strategy. From the design stage through deployment and long after, we help you create end-to-end solutions covering customer experience processes and business models that go beyond charging.

Interested in finding out more about the opportunities of EV charging services? Contact us and share your vision.

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