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next gen ami

Smart infrastructure engineering for utilities

Unlocking the service, efficiency and security opportunities of smart infrastructures.

For many utilities, more than a decade has passed since the initial development of their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Equipment deployed as part of this first wave is now approaching end-of-life, while the underlying applications may not support digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, 5G, IoT or intelligent automation. Deploying a next-generation AMI solution that will serve as the foundation for energy transition efforts and enable digital and industry technologies is a priority for many utilities. Without further investment, organizations may not fully realize the advanced benefits from first wave deployments.

Capgemini helps utility organizations address these issues and prepare for the future with Next-Gen AMI, a future resilient, integrated system of smart meters, communication services, modern applications and data management technologies. Building on the original promise of the initial wave, we work with clients to plan, design, deploy and operate a next-generation AMI that will enable modern technologies, define new business benefits and address the challenges of brownfield implementation. For utilities that are planning or have recently implemented their initial AMI deployment, Next-Gen AMI enhances the value of AMI with technology modernization and experience from the initial wave.

Unlocking the value of Next-Gen AMI

Capgemini’s Next-Gen AMI incorporates smart metering, smart analytics and smart grid capabilities to drive organizational efficiency, enable new services and address a wide range of complex regulatory, environmental and security challenges. Advantages include:

  • Reliability: Improve availability, power quality, outage restoration times and other key performance indicators through advanced technology and process optimization
  • Smart grid enablement: Establish a communication network that serves as the backbone for smart grid technology and programs, including demand response, energy transition, distributed energy resources and electric vehicle charging
  • AMI refresh: Replace end-of-life infrastructure and modernize applications and architecture; address gaps in the initial deployment such as hard to reach meters
  • Distributed intelligence: Leverage edge computing to enable aggregation of data based on territory or function to improve speed and accuracy of management and response efforts
  • Customer involvement: Enable two-way communication with customers and create a foundation from which to launch new or enhanced services

Our experience

Capgemini is a global leader in smart energy services, successfully designing and delivering AMI projects that include more than 170 million smart meters, mass deployment of 23 million smart meters worldwide, and currently manages more than 10 million meters —more than any other organization.

Next-Gen AMI combines Capgemini’s experience as a world system integration leader in AMI, our expansive and impressive ecosystem of industry and technology partners and our organization’s deep business transformation expertise to help utilities create an AMI foundation that is scalable, flexible and capable of delivering value.

Next-gen ESP: Comprehensive end-to-end solutions to deliver next-gen AMI

Capgemini’s Next-Gen Energy Services Platform (Next-Gen ESP) is a proven end-to-end integrated platform that manages the entire smart metering lifecycle—from program planning, meter rollout, material traceability, asset management to meter operations. Capgemini’s Next-Gen ESP draws on nearly two decades of AMI planning and implementation experience, including the deployment of millions of smart meters globally.