Smart Edge and IoT Services

To keep up with the changing times, businesses are shifting from traditional maintenance schedules and manual inspections to IoT (Internet of Things) network management, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, and remote tracking.

In this new era, it is imperative for businesses to quickly and cost-effectively adapt and innovate to securely connect their assets and devices, and make sense of the vast amounts of data that they generate. IoT services offer a great way to do this.

Our Smart Edge and IoT services set of solutions and offerings use our open, scalable, secure, end-to-end IoT platforms to support new services and business models for utility, industrial, manufacturing, automotive, transportation, and logistics companies, leveraging proven Edge and IoT technologies from Capgemini and Intel. These services and associated platforms enable businesses to deploy solutions to meet the widest range of use cases through intelligent edge technologies, open machine-to-machine communications capabilities, and big data/analytics, ensuring customers become more intelligent enterprises.

Our tailor-made solutions

Predictive asset maintenance with Edge Compute.

Intelligently monitor assets, aggregate machine behavior data sent from each asset at the edge using powerful Intel based technology, analyze it, and receive recommendations via precise responses and actions, predicting when a machine or device failure might occur or when maintenance is required. 

Improve production capabilities and extend service life. Solution connectivity also allows deployment of new services by leveraging automatic, ubiquitous and comprehensive reporting, recording and maintaining accurate historical data for machine learning, and process improvement.

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Enhance your utility’s reliability, sustainability and resiliency through substation and edge-of-the grid automation. Jumpstart your transformation journey by enhancing substation digital capabilities through data, analytics and intelligent automation.

Increased use of distributed energy resources (DERs), electric vehicles (EVs), and intelligent automation applications require a significant change in the way today’s power grid is designed, built and operated. To maintain a stable, efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem, utilities must transform the grid into a two-way exchange of power, data and communication.

Our substation and edge-of-the-grid automation solutions powered by Intel leverage data, analytics and intelligent automation as well as utility function virtualization to help utilities monitor and manage load and flow across all grid assets, simplify the energy ecosystem, prioritize production and consumption of clean energy sources, and flatten the rate structure. Through substation modernization, utilities can improve the overall reliability, resiliency and sustainability of the grid while also unlocking valuable operational efficiencies and cost reductions.

Smart substations are needed to modernize the grid, address the world’s climate change agenda, and unlock new revenue streams.

In partnership with Intel, we have come up with an all-inclusive solution to track mission-critical assets and prevent failures, while also promoting innovation, customer-centricity, and operational efficiency.

This open IoT-based solution captures data from various sources, including sensors, business applications, and IoT devices, to monitor globally dispersed asset networks. The collected data helps in providing an instant snapshot of asset health and performance, including their condition, age, location, vibration, flow rate, pressure, temperature, and other operational characteristics. By automating the data collection process and analyzing it, organizations can take appropriate actions to reduce expensive preventive maintenance, offline outages, and resource-intensive costs.

The fully integrated combination of Intel’s hardware, software, and security ecosystem with our IoT middleware and analytics capabilities provides a unique, business-case oriented, and secure end-to-end IoT platform solution, available “as-a-service” and ready for industrial deployment. 

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We have collaborated with Intel to provide a complete solution for energy management for industrial and commercial customers, utilizing the next generation of utility services through the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have collaborated with Intel to provide a complete solution for energy management for industrial and commercial customers, utilizing the next generation of utility services through the Internet of Things (IoT).

The solution integrates and controls the ecosystem of various utility partners and decentralized energy sources, creating bundled energy management services in a cost-effective and reliable manner. By leveraging the vast network of providers, the open IoT-based solution offers a transactive energy platform for utilities to combine decentralized technologies and develop energy management services for their customers.

This solution provides significant benefits to utilities and their customers:

  • Combines benefits from distributed generation, distributed storage, energy efficiency services and demand response programs.
  • Enhances competitiveness by implementing flexible energy systems which can relieve pressure on electricity generation and reduce costs for utilities, utility partners and customers.
  • Capitalizes on market opportunities, and enables new revenue streams or commercial models.
  • Open secure platform ingests sensor data from multiple devices and transport the information to any back-end analytical or business system.
  • Best in Class standards based Data Security from edge to cloud that delivers secure enterprise IoT components pre-validated for interoperability, and an accreditation process.
Prevent shipments compromised in transit (due to damage, loss, delay, theft, or spoilage), and lost revenue and productivity.

Along with the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform IoT hardware/ software, our solution increases visibility, integrity, and security of shipments as they move through the supply chain.

The end-to-end solution, built on Intel IoT hardware with either generic cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities, provides near real-time tracking and monitoring of shipment location, temperature, humidity, shock, ambient light, pressure, and tilt; provides a comprehensive dashboard for effortless monitoring and analysis; and includes programmable notifications and alerts for quick intervention.

  • Ensure asset tracking and monitoring of shipment quality, integrity, and security at every stage of the supply chain, anywhere in the world, through Intel® technology-based IoT gateways
  • Deploy an easy-to-set-up customized visibility dashboard
  • Seamlessly integrate devices into existing workflows with minimal onboarding
  • Track packages worldwide, and scale with your business
  • Deploy robust end-to-end data security and device protection through Intel technology.
To remain competitive, many manufacturers offer customized products, and need to be productive and cost-effective when manufacturing at lower volumes.

Robots can increase productivity in manufacturing, but the typical robot is highly specialized for a particular task. It’s ill-suited to a manufacturing plant that might have 25 assembly lines, and produce a diverse range of different products.

We integrated our Teach Robot Yourself “TRY” software, machine learning and Intel technology with leading robotics innovators to create flexible and programmable robotic solutions that help manufacturers and other technology businesses assist workers, increase productivity and improve ROI. Our Robotics as a Service (RaaS) enables businesses to affordably procure, adapt and deploy robots for use cases across many different industries using a flexible AI enhanced service model. 

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Since COVID, a safe shopping, operating or working environment with social distancing has become more desirable.

Our joint Blue Eye solution powered by Intel technology, we help ensure people’s physical safety during visits to private or public places, and help avoid new or long-term lockdowns.

Thanks to embedded camera and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms developed within an Intel framework dedicated to deep learning, this smart box monitors, automatically and without any data sharing, distances between individuals and warns everyone in case they get too close, and detects if someone e.g. is not wearing a mask via an audible and visible alarm system, helping to fulfill the collective responsibility between individuals, businesses, and public policies.

For each and every user, the blue eye solution becomes a companion decision support system that is easily and quickly adopted across a global enterprise’s environment.
Easily deploy the blue eye solution in:

  • Plants, shopfloors, warehouses, stores, malls …
  • Lobbies, labs, offices …
  • Public places: train stations, airports, museums, banks …
  • Construction sites: buildings, public works, railways, bridges, infrastructures …

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