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intelligent production system

Enabling your vision to produce and supply therapies and devices with unmatched levels of flow, efficiency and quality – sustainably and at scale.

There is a symbiotic relationship among supply chain, manufacturing and quality in life sciences. When this relationship goes well, the result is the smooth scale up, transfer, and management of assets, and efficient, high-quality production at scale. But many organizations struggle to integrate these pieces in a meaningful way.

We call our approach to this challenge the Intelligent Production System (IPS). This system relies on:

  • sound people
  • lean thinking
  • solid data and
  • clear architecture

Together they make it possible for functional groups to integrate in new ways, driving sustainable breakthroughs. The key to IPS is that digital transformation is not considered separate from previous investments and efforts but grounded on their success.

Capgemini brings life sciences expertise, engineering know-how, digital excellence, cloud, and savvy consulting skills to the fore through a set of four IPS offers grounded on lean and digital fundamentals. We’re excited that you’re here and encourage you to find out more about Capgemini and IPS below.

IPS combines:  

Digital continuity  

Digital continuity ensures that everyone working on a project has access to the same information . It combines technology solutions, processes, and specific roles within the organization, with the goal of simplifying your information across operations and throughout the product lifecycle. It delivers real-time data and analytics availability, even as your technology continues to evolve. Digital continuity promotes efficient, Right-First-Time technical transfer, agile change management and cost optimization throughout the lifecycle.   

Smart Factory 

Smart Factory is the direct application of Industry 4.0 to biopharma, pharma and medical device production to increase global manufacturing performance. Smart Factory is also crucial in the shift to the modern GxP compliant production systems. With a foundation of agility and continuous improvement, Smart Factory delivers breakthroughs in releases, Right-First-Time, End-to-End Flow & Monitoring and cost of production.  

Laboratory of the Future 

Capgemini partners with clients across the life sciences value chain to build the Lab of the Future – from IoT platform data acquisition to data storage and management, to advanced analytics – helping you accelerate discovery, approval and commercialization of new therapies. Our team can help you make the leap to the automated, connected lab of tomorrow.  

Intelligent Supply Chain 

Supply chain leaders are addressing specific challenges from pandemic-related bottlenecks to increasing product and network complexity. In doing so, these leaders have embraced a new supply chain paradigm by making “Service-Cost-Cash” trade-offs in the presence of sustainability and resilience demands. Done properly, this transformation holds the promise of significant benefits. Transforming from a traditional to an Intelligent Supply Chain requires a composable architecture enabled by digital and cloud, an E2E collaborative ecosystem powered by data and AI, and grounding in process excellence and supply chain fundamentals.  

Digital transformation in life sciences operations holds amazing promise that can now be fulfilled with today’s digital technology, coupled with lean and data fundamentals. They have helped bring us to where we are today, and continue to lead us into the future.  

Enabling the intelligent production system of the future

In the life sciences industry, there is a symbiotic relationship among Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Quality.

Meet our experts

Brian Eden

Vice President, Global Life Sciences Technical Operations Leader, Capgemini
Leading process and digital solutions in Pharma and Medical Device Operations “We are at an exciting moment when our data systems and analytics are finally capable of helping us fulfill the promise of Industry 4.0 for Pharma and Med Tech. We must move digital transformation forward boldly, all the while keeping our efforts grounded in the fundamentals of data architecture and Lean Thinking that got us to where we are today. “

Laurent Samot 

Vice President, Head of Smart Factory / Digital Manufacturing 
As global head of the COE Smart Factory, Laurent is working with our digital manufacturing practices to implement the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0.

Sandeep Bhutani

Senior Director- Intelligent Factory
Transforming Life Sciences Manufacturing IT Solutions with key focus on Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Historian and Industrial Automation “Bringing Smart Factory into a reality with practical roadmap keeping in view the short term, mid-term and long-term plan with prioritized use cases which will add tangible business values into manufacturing value chain.”