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Intelligent Cloud Operations

From legacy to the cloud – on your own terms

Moving to the cloud can improve your business performance and flexibility and also reduce costs. However, legacy applications, architectures, and support systems can pose a large challenge to such migrations.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Cloud Operations (ICON) solution enables you to make the transition from your current data center and database estate seamlessly, and on your own terms.

Capgemini’s ICON: the benefits

Capgemini’s ICON solution brings together proven accelerators, architectures, patterns, and code repositories to deliver benefits including:

  • Modernized and consolidated Oracle databases
  • 50% reductions in deployment effort
  • Production-ready environments in as little as 50 days
  • Cluster provisioning of High-Performance Compute nodes for HPC visualization
  • VMware migration to the cloud without any VMware-based modifications

Capgemini’s Intelligent Cloud Operations solution, with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Build on your own legacy, move to the cloud, increase the performance of your Oracle applications – and get the future you want.

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