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Guarding the gateway

Combatting real-time fraud in card-not-present transactions

As payment systems advance, so do fraudsters’ methods. Global card losses due to fraud are projected to total an astounding $397 billion during the next ten years. Our collaborative effort with MongoDB sheds light on the key root causes of fraud, often found in financial institutions’ complex IT infrastructure, that allow fraudsters to exploit gaps and evade detection.

This paper is a call to action for financial institutions, providing solutions to this growing threat, especially for card-not-present transactions. These transactions are riskier and make fraud detection even trickier due to the lack of a physical card, chip, PIN, or signature verification.

Download the paper now to learn:

  • The most common types of fraud in payments
  • How to identify and address typical gaps in fraud detection approaches
  • Three critical components of a fraud detection approach
  • A three-step method to prevent fraud and future-proof your organization
  • Real-life examples

 Future-proof your business today with just one click!

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