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Intelligent business operations

Empowered sales operations

Drive competitive advantage from frictionless, digitally-augmented sales operations

Deliver a seamless sales experience across the lead-to-order lifecycle

Capgemini’s Empowered Sales Operations solution delivers frictionless, digitally-augmented, data-driven sales operations that drives competitive advantage across your business.

Our next-generation digital sales solutions leverage innovative technologies and sales systems to integrate, streamline, and optimize sales touchpoints and processes across the lead-to-order lifecycle – delivering accurate, easy-to-access data, enhanced sales support, and data-driven sales analytics.

  • 15–25% reduction in turnaround time
  • 3–5% improvement in win-rate
  • Up to 15% increase in time returned to sales
  • 10–20% improvement in net promoter score

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Driving a smart and seamless sales experience

26 Nov 2021

Empowered sales

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