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Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants on AWS 

Don’t just imagine the future vision of your restaurant business – achieve it today. With Capgemini and AWS, you can drive operational excellence, deliver seamless customer experience and resilience for any challenges ahead.

The restaurant industry has experienced more turbulence than ever in recent years. Covid significantly tested the restaurant industry and that setback continued well into 2022. Restaurant owners continue to battle many challenges in operating their businesses – not just to survive but achieve growth. Those excelling – are those adopting a tech-savvy mindset.
With Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants on AWS,  we provide a unique opportunity for restaurant companies to adapt and thrive in  today’s reality – and be prepared for whatever the future holds. 

Digital transformation contributes to restaurant success

There are many ingredients for success in the restaurant business. Great food, desirable locations, and friendly faces are a great start. But to scale up and maintain your success, it’s essential to regularly evaluate key performance indicators such as sales, food and labor costs, time per table turn, online ordering, sentiment analysis, inventory, and operational efficiency. With ongoing digitalization, the emergence of new business models, and an increasing customer and supplier preference for “touchless” experiences, restaurants must be willing to adapt and enhance the digital customer experience with innovative technologies to gain competitive advantage and to future-proof their businesses. 

Harnessing the power of digital and cloud

Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants on AWS is a high-velocity software engine that empowers restaurant businesses to embrace new operating models, elevate customer experiences, and innovate faster than ever before.  Our Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-native accelerators for building an end-to-end restaurant experience. It also features a library of customizable software components that help reduce time-to-market and improve the return of investment (ROI) by up to 50%.  Digital transformation for restaurants doesn’t need to mean tearing out the kitchen and starting again. Our Digital Cloud Platform on AWS enables end-to-end connectivity and integration between existing systems, data, and new business capabilities. 

Benefits across the entire restaurant value chain

From front of house, to keeping stock levels healthy, and even recipe management in the kitchen, Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants can help you enhance operations across the entire restaurant value chain – from omnichannel customer experience, personalization, menu and kitchen management, and online ordering, through to loyalty, promotion, and system integration with point-of-sale (POS), payment, and logistics. With Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants on AWS, you can:

  • Accelerate the development of new tools, solutions, and products
  • Create new revenue streams through different channels, such as online and new delivery and collection channels
  • Harness the power of breakthrough technologies, like AI, facial recognition, and voice
  • Deliver personalized, compelling customer, supplier, and staff experiences
  • Enhance operational efficiency by simplifying, streamlining, and automating processes wherever possible.

Why Capgemini and AWS for your restaurants’ digital transformation? 

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and Managed Service Provider (MSP) with more than 12,000 AWS accreditations and over 4,900 active AWS Certifications, Capgemini leverages the full breadth and depth of the AWS suite of tools and services to deliver the Digital Cloud Platform for Restaurants.  We implemented a custom-built application integrated with AWS cloud technology to help a global restaurant chain provide guests with a convenient end-to-end order-ahead experience. The solution included contactless payment, convenient pick-up scheduling, and multiple delivery models. Today, more than 75,000 restaurants across 120 countries leverage our capabilities to accelerate their digital transformation and enhance the way they do business. 

Wherever you are on your transformation journey, together Capgemini and AWS can help you accelerate and innovate faster.

Meet our experts

Nico Steenkamp

Global Microsoft Partner Executive
Nico has an extensive experience in Partner Management, Outsourcing, Consulting, Program Management, and Delivery from multiple leadership roles across the Capgemini Group. He also managed the commercials and portfolio of Capgemini’s private cloud offerings. Nico is based out of Austin, Texas and enjoys playing golf, hiking and attending music concerts in his spare time.

Jason Hatch

Vice President Enterprise Cloud Platforms
I am responsible for developing Capgemini’s Cloud Solutions in North America, and advising our customers on how best to leverage cloud technology to support their business.

Shashi Gupta

Head of Financial Services Amazon Web Services Center of Excellence
I am a technology leader with a proven track record of successfully establishing long-tenured partnerships with clients, delivering results across financial services in capital markets.

Brian Hammond

Cloud Global Offer Leader
As an entrepreneurial technology leader, I help clients solve core business challenges and explore new opportunities—always putting people first while having fun along the way.

Rens Huizenga

Cloud Native and Cloud Services
I support customers to move their application landscape to the cloud. Based on the cloud strategy, the business case and assessment performed, a cloud transformation roadmap is drafted during the detailed assessment phase consisting of: Apps Migration to Cloud, Application Modernization Services, and Cloud Native build

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