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Business Insightful Services from ADMnext

Making your IT business-value-driven with next-gen ADM

The potential that your IT data holds is almost infinite. And the actionable insights that can be gleaned from this data can be invaluable in delivering a future-forward strategy that gives you a real competitive edge. To seize this competitive edge for your business, it’s essential that you exploit your IT data in a structured way.

This is why a common language that measures and communicates the capability of your IT and the value it provides to your business is crucial. This means a solution that effectively tracks and drives clear connections between IT business outcomes. And it means outcomes that are based on actionable insights derived from visible, real-time, connections between your IT and business KPIs.

“Enterprises lack a shared set of KPIs across IT and business teams that clearly identify accountability for business outcomes. To create meaningful value for business, digital transformation outcomes should be aligned to measurable business outcomes and KPIs, including the ability to measure both IT performance and efficiency of business processes that IT enables.”

Everest Research

Introducing Business insightful services (BIS) from ADMnext

Business Insightful Services (BIS) from ADMnext helps you achieve business-value-driven IT with next-gen ADM. Essentially, BIS provides a shared set of business metrics that are underpinned by and aligned with the relevant IT KPIs. These insights help you to clearly and quantitatively demonstrate the value your IT provides, while simultaneously driving new innovations and heightened business process insights. With BIS, we enable you to:

  • Exploit IT systems data and align it to business outcomes through a common language (utilizing all the latest technology – including AI)
  • Show results and what excellence in the industry can be by benchmarking KPIs against industry standards and competition
  • Drive continuous improvement with continuous real-time visualizations and business observability.

Delivering complete business observability and tangible value

As part of our ADMnext offering, BIS helps you get the most out of all your IT data and aligns it exactly with the future outcomes you seek with complete business observability. Some of the major results that we have already brought clients include:

  • Reducing a major bank’s loan approval cycle time from 68 days to 36
  • Helping a large manufacturer avert $2M in potential supply chain inefficiencies
  • Cutting response times to potential issues within a prominent fashion retailer’s digital order management by 75%
  • Freeing up $1.3 million in stalled invoices for a leading oilfield services provider and completely streamlining its cash flow.

Contact us now to learn more about how you can fully showcase the business value of your IT data with BIS.

Meet our experts

Biplab Biswas

Expert in Application Management, Business Process Automation, Business Process Management
“I am responsible for leading domain-centric solutions in the E&U sector, leveraging Capgemini’s next-generation tools and enablers such as Business Process Focus (BPF), Digital Readiness Assessment (Ready4D), and sector-flavored automation BOTs.”

Bala Thiagarajan

Vice President
I am an IT Executive with over 28 years of global experience in operational and strategic leadership roles. I have an expertise in seeding and growing Global Inhouse Centers (GICs), general management, P&L management and in directing complex large multi-services client delivery engagements.