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monitor and report

Monitor and report data to enable a net zero strategy.

The Capgemini Research Institute’s Data for Net Zero report indicates that data is key to bridging the gap between net zero ambition and action. Our report also found that organizations’ net zero ambitions suffer from various inadequacies.

Most, for instance, fail to cover all emissions scopes, while the coverage of scope 3 emissions, which account for a significant 65‒95% of a company’s carbon footprint, is worryingly low.

Additionally, only 43% of organizations have set short-term targets to support their net zero ambitions – a critical omission given that short-term targets are key to maintaining momentum and accountability. And crucially, despite its fundamental role, our research shows that organizations are not adopting a data-driven approach to support their net zero ambitions.
We understand that data is one of the most significant levers in accelerating the journey to net zero, increasing visibility of baseline emissions levels, identifying emissions hotspots, improving existing business processes by streamlining carbon-intensive activities, and predicting and prescribing business outcomes to identify further emissions reduction opportunities.
Ultimately, organizations that embed emissions data in decision-making benefit from increased transparency and emissions reduction. Our monitor and report solutions enable you to scale sustainable transformation by creating a coherent data strategy that leverages reliable data and embraces AI to power sustainable actions.

How we can help

    Carbon reporting and management

    Design and operate a data-driven journey that accelerates your decarbonization commitments.

    Data for net zero

    Utilize net zero intelligence seamlessly to build resilience – and reduce climate and business risk.