To make customers and employees truly happy through their use of your technology there should be no modesty in your next-generation IT strategy.

Creating an excellent customer experience first of all requires a Design Thinking mindset: envisioning the customer journey from an outside-in perspective, putting equal amounts of empathy and factual analytics into the equation, finding the crucial micro moments in which key decisions are made. With technology becoming ultra-interactive, understanding the nature of the real-time conversation with the customer or employee paves the road to success. Then it’s no longer a matter of creating the next killer mobile app. It is now the quest for finding – or building – the platform where supply and demand will naturally come together.

It’s also simply a matter of keeping up with the rapid pace of change in user experience technologies. Classic user interfaces on desktop and laptop computers are being replaced by chatbots and virtual agents that understand and speak natural language. These AI-driven systems can pop up on your phone, in your car, on your watch or through a speaker in your living room. Smart glasses and 3D virtual reality headsets create a fascinating mix of the virtual and real worlds.

As a little phenomenon named Pokémon Go has shown – with its rocket-speed rise and fall – there is no technology area so disruptive and unpredictable as the user experience.

Indeed, many interesting animals out there to keep a close eye on.