TechnoVision – Technology Trends 2020

TechnoVision 2020: Complexity requires simplicity

Modern organizations operate in a complex world, where technology trends in business evolve rapidly and enterprises are inundated by data. It’s your role to unravel this complexity. You must grab the opportunity to turn change into a competitive advantage for your business.

In this complex world, technology can simplify your business. It can help to automate operations, optimize processes, anticipate demands, and deliver better customer experiences. Organizations that make the right technology choices now can make the lives of consumers, colleagues and citizens simpler.

TechnoVision 2020 – the 12th edition of our annual technology guide – is here to help you to operationalize emerging technologies that are relevant for your enterprise.

Future Technology Trends 2020: Grasping the Opportunity

Making the right technology choices is far from straightforward. It requires mastery of complex digital technology trends and innovations. Making the ‘right’ choices means understanding the underlying implications that come from implementing new emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, Internet of Things and advanced analytics.

The technology implementation choices we make for our innovation landscape as executives are themselves rooted in complicated matters of trust, ethics, responsibility, manageability and control. Technology must be accessible, easy-to-use and seamless in its engagement. But to achieve this simplicity, technology must be delivered in a reliable and integrated way, with data used in an ethical, governable and sustainable manner.

Future Technology Trends in Business: Working with Change-making Experts

Simplicity requires strong executive judgement. And while it might be your role to unravel complexity, simplification requires a joined-up approach. In a complex world of myriad choices, your business needs confidence that the technology choices its making are the ‘right’ decisions. You must be able to anticipate new trends, assess their potential, validate their enterprise-readiness and exploit them.

Making sense of this complex world requires a series of careful steps. TechnoVision 2020 is a crucial element in our approach towards helping enterprises exploit technology insight in a structured way. We have the change-making expertise to help your business simplify and succeed. Through our consultancy and our expert resources, we can help you create a pathway to success for your business.

TechnoVision 2020: What our guide can do for you

There is no single, simple strategy for delivering simplicity in our complex, digital age – but there are experts that can help you take advantage of emerging trends in technology. TechnoVision 2020 is a tool to tell a Technology Business story; a story that shapes an opportunity, answers a question, gives direction, resolves an issue, or simply delights an audience.

TechnoVision introduces a set of 37 Technology Business trends, grouped into seven containers and placed within a proven framework. The framework is designed to encourage dialogue, whilst directly mapping to different categories of enterprise systems in regard to current technology innovation trends.

Each driver features a Capgemini ‘expert in residence’ who has significantly contributed to the topic and can be contacted through Capgemini’s Expert Connect network.

Technology Trends 2020: Find Out More

Technology is no longer a prerequisite for change, neither is it driving it. Technology simply is change. Digital technology is now intimately entwined with business change. With business so perfectly infused with technology, the quest for simplicity becomes paramount, especially given emerging trends in information technology.

Let’s be clear: these are complex times. Yet complexity – and managing digital technology trends and innovations – doesn’t have to be an intractable challenge. By using technology to simplify its business, your organization can improve the lives of consumers, colleagues and citizens. The enterprises that use technology to simplify our complex world now will be the winners in the future.