Why Cloud Testing?

A cloud-based solution delivers these key benefits for application testing:

  • Eliminate up-front investment in hardware procurement, management and maintenance, as well as software licensing and support costs, and achieve fast ROI on application investments
  • Reduce investment in resources required to manage existing testing environments
  • Achieve faster time-to-market through rapid procurement and project set-up & execution
  • Reduce business risk and deliver better quality applications faster by using HPE’s leading Quality Management solutions
  • Standardize of testing practices by using proven testing frameworks, templates and best practices
  • Increase efficiency and team collaboration through Internet-based access and interoperability
  • Ensure data integrity and ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility through enterprise-class secure, available and redundant infrastructure with 24×7 operation
  • Access Testing experts to help advance in-house testing expertise and governance processes

Significant Application Quality Improvement without Major Investment

Our Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS) is a flexible subscription model that includes bundled hardware and HPE Quality Management tool licenses. Our testing experts provide in-house testing training and improve governance processes.

Available on-demand using our own secure cloud, you can achieve even greater business agility, greener IT through a single, integrated user experience than other testing models.

Testing platform as a service

A Flexible Service Package to Fit Your Needs

Testing Platform as-a-Service can be consumed as a standalone service or in combination with other testing services and solutions so you can choose the one that best suits your business needs:

Base Service: Stand-alone Testing Platform: For companies who need immediate access to a test environment and plan to use in-house staff to manage and perform all testing activities.

Advanced Service: Complete Testing Services and Solutions: For organizations looking for complete end-to-end testing service and an on-going commitment to application quality.


Cloud Testing: Now with Greater Flexibility, Agility, and Reduced costs

The latest World Quality Report 2013-14 found an increased focus on Testing as consumers become less tolerant of applications with errors. Today’s IT organizations need a solution that brings together testing tools, environment, knowledge and resources without increasing cost of delivery or delaying time-to-market. To address this need, Capgemini has combined our testing and cloud expertise to offer a secure and flexible on-demand testing service.

Capgemini Group Testing Experience
As one of the leading, dedicated testing practices in the world, with over 17,200 test professionals and a further 14,500 application specialists carrying out testing, we bring more than 25 years of experience and expertise in developing innovative, business-driven quality assurance practices and testing services.

Capgemini Cloud Expertise
Capgemini has been at the forefront of bringing cloud computing to the enterprise. Our rich portfolio of scalable, dependable cloud-based computing and storage services help organizations to reduce costs and become more agile and robust.