Product Launch

Helping pharmaceutical companies prepare quality product launches through cross-functional participation and clear accountability.

Studies indicate that the lifetime success of a pharmaceutical product is determined within the first few months following a product launch. Despite this knowledge, pharmaceutical marketers continue to struggle with product launches.

Launch uptakes are now more challenging than ever, with crowded spaces, generic alternatives and reimbursement challenges. The quality of the launch, based on a comprehensive and innovative launch strategy, is now as critical as its disciplined execution. This undertaking requires collaborative, cross-functional participation, clear accountability and an aligned commitment to innovation and quality to develop, align and execute winning launch strategies.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Today’s pharmaceutical marketers face multiple challenges when preparing for product launches:

  • Ensuring product positioning is clear and differentiated
  • Convincing regulators and payors of the product’s distinct value (above established standard of care)
  • Implementing pre-launch market-shaping strategies
  • Aligning strategies across internal and external stakeholders to manage accountability

With the decline of the blockbuster model in pharmaceuticals, these challenges become more critical as specialized therapies with smaller market size become the norm.  Mistakes can be amplified and are difficult to recover from.  Strategies, tactics and investments must be carefully weighed and flawless execution achieved.

We support clients both at the strategy and the execution level. We design our project approach according to each client’s individual circumstances and combine this customized strategy with proven methods. Our product launch optimization solutions are grounded in 3 basic yet integrated principles toward market success:

  1. Preparing the product for the market
  2. Preparing the market for the product
  3. Preparing the organization to market the product

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Invent has guided product launches for life sciences companies across numerous therapeutic areas and markets. Our clients include Top 10 developing pharmaceutical and specialty companies. A few key examples of our work include:

  • Developing value strategies and messaging for product launches in respiratory, metabolism and oncology therapeutic areas
  • Reassessing product market potential and product strategy in light of NDA regulatory restrictions. In collaboration with the client, developed a lower-cost promotional support model and defined a more targeted market and customer target lists and tactics, including a more robust medical-scientific approach to customer support.
  • Leading a client team in a newly-merged company through a critical central nervous indication
  • Supporting a joint product launch by two clients in a co-promote agreement  in the specialty cardiovascular therapeutic area