Oracle OCommerce

OCommerce offers the cutting-edge functionality to drive customer loyalty through an all-channel experience.

Discover the Seamless Shopping Experience

Consumers expect to shop across all platforms and devices. They’re no longer loyal to an individual channel but rather to a consistent experience across all channels. Companies need to create a personalized, shopper-focused approach with a seamless customer experience that improves shopper interaction, loyalty and margins. OCommerce can make that happen.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Digital Shopper

OCommerce is an All-Channel Experience solution that enables retail and consumer products companies to streamline customer interactions by incorporating high-value capabilities, including:
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Personalized web experience with analytics
  • Mobile applications, including Augmented Reality, employee dashboard and coupon scanning
  • Social integration for customer posts and feedback
  • In-store customized marketing with real-time decision making
  • 360-degree view of the customer
Our teams will develop your unique customer journey map and provide an interactive demonstration of these features in action.

The Power of Partnership

OCommerce combines Capgemini’s retail, process improvement and technology implementation expertise with Oracle’s cutting-edge Customer Experience Platform. We offer two flexible deployment options:
  • On-Premise Implementation for high-integration, control and security
  • Capgemini’s Immediate cloud platform with service architecture and framework for fast deployment and quick time to value

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