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  • Dynamic case management systems capture and process business events across process silos, providing end-to-end intelligence and optimized outcomes on a case-by-case basis.
  • Business Rules Management System (BRMS) solutions externalize decision logic from applications, allowing both IT and business experts to define and manage decision logic. This logic is then executed by Business Rule Engine (BRE) systems.
  • Complex Event Processing tools analyze the context stream—or “event cloud”— around an event that occurs in order to identify the most optimal response and action.


  • A European tax agency used a business rules management system to extract the logic around computing benefits from its core applications in order to adapt more quickly to changing regulations.
  • A government organization used a case management system both to optimize the allocation of its scarce personnel resources to new unemployment cases and to track progress and outcomes.
  • A global bank utilized a complex business event processing platform to ensure a consistent, real-time customer experience across multiple digital channels with quickly evolving products in various regions.


  • Customer-centric decision-making
  • Identifying highly personalized next best actions in real-time
  • Split-second responses to high-volume data streams and events in real-time, in particular around the Internet of Things and digital customer channels
  • Optimizating scarce enterprise resources to deliver the best outcome for every case
  • Highly flexible business logic that can be defined and adapted on the fly, in or very near to the business



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