In compliance there is no room for the “if” only for the “how”. Capgemini Invent makes use of state-of-the-art technologies, such as RPA and AI, to increase the risk coverage and significantly reduce long-term costs.

Crawler Technology

The AML Crawler is capable of simultaneously screening various APIs, all common market intelligence lists, and other search engines to subsequently analyze the gathered information with the help of NLP. It then processes them into individual AML scorings based on identified topics and sentiments.

The Crawler Technology brings a list of different benefits to the compliance department:

  • Efficient – Automated, sequential and fast
  • Usability – Clear display, easy to learn
  • Extensible – Easy integration of additional software / data sources
  • Innovative – Connection between web, KYC, Big Data and AI
  • Multilingual

Inventive Compliance

Transaction Monitoring with AI

The Transaction Monitoring prototype with AI analyzes and identifies suspicious transactions, prioritizes and enriches alerts with the help of AI and decides autonomously which Alerts should be forwarded to the FIU. This prototype makes use of advanced intelligent technologies, however all decisions taken by the tool are understandable by third parties.

Transaction Monitoring with AI brings a list of different benefits to the compliance department including:

  • Innovative – Technologies and models such as, BERT, XGBoost, SHAP, Neo4J Graph DB
  • Automatic recognition of messages with high and low risk
  • Fast decisioning – due to linkages between messages because of AI based relationships that are enriched
  • Automatic Rescoring of old messages, when new information arrives


Selected Compliance Use Cases

AML Web Crawler

  • The AML Web Crawler automatically provides individual AML scorings for customers
  • It automatically screens various APIs, all common market intelligent lists, as well as other search engines simultaneously
  • It subsequently analyzes the gathered information and processes them to provide the required AML scorings

Transaction Monitoring with AI

  • Our TxM with AI automatically filters relevant information by filtering suspicious transactions of clients / customers
  • It uses internal and external data, constantly monitors transactions and consequently scores and sorts the messages on risk basis
  • Selected benefits are: Reduction of false positives and an increase of true positives, increased risk coverage, reduced investigation efforts and faster decision making due to messages being extended by external data due to KI-found relations

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