Innovation & Lifecycle Management

We help you capitalize on new opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that plague many organizations. Our targeted solutions help you navigate the dynamic, rapidly-changing manufacturing landscape.

Manufacturing companies are facing a variety of challenges, including new markets and technologies, changing legal requirements, and cost pressure arising from new competition.

Leading manufacturing companies can take advantage of this business environment through effective product and service launches, streamlined portfolio management, and efficient development of organizations and processes.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Invent has the specific competencies to design and implement new product development models and processes, supported by innovative digital technology. Leveraging the broad competencies of our consultants, we synchronize complex engineering transformation programs between business and IT, ensuring fast and sustainable implementation.

Our innovation and product lifecycle management solutions include:

  • Collaborative innovation and engineering
  • Complexity & variant management
  • Lean product development and engineering
  • Target costing / design to cost
  • Engineering change management

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Invent regularly produces thought leadership and proven transformation methodologies for the design and implementation of major innovation and lifecycle management programs. We have worked on successful projects with the R&D and engineering units at numerous large manufacturing companies, especially from the aerospace & defense, industrial products and automotive industry.


Capgemini Research Institute

Automotive Smart Factories: Putting Auto Manufacturers in the Digital Industrial Revolution Driving Seat

Drawing on a survey of 320+ automotive manufacturers, our research reveals that smart factories could add up to $160 billion annually to the global auto industry in productivity gains by 2023 onwards.