I’m Happy

Working with your organization, whether as a customer, employee, or partner, should be like a string of seamlessly connected happy moments, creating worthwhile memories that will be shared

Nothing can bring down the sky-high expectations of digital era customers. Individualized, context-based, laser-focused on the task, gorgeously designed, quickly delivered across any channel. It’s the quest for customer happiness that will determine business relevancy and competitive success. It begins with understanding the decisive micro-moments of the customer’s day by using service design and customer journey mapping. Then, it’s about creating the “now” and “wow” by obsessing over meeting the customer’s needs in an immediate, helpful, and personal manner. An exceptional digital customer experience; clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.


  • Every time a customer takes out her smartphone, a micro-moment occurs. This happens on average 200 times a day. Wearables, connected and “enchanted” things, smart bots and robotics will drive even more opportunities for delight.
  • At each of these moments, a customer may “want to know,” “want to go,” “want to do,” or “want to buy.” It is everyone’s job to make these moments happy ones.
  • Digital winners apply a range of AI, technologies and integrations, which often require new collaborative platforms across organizations, to understand the individual behaviors and desires within these micro-moments, fulfilling and increasingly anticipating future customer needs.
  • Digital happiness assumes digital beauty, and it can be “wowed” by a human connection like friendship


  • Electronic retailer Boulanger launched a series of smart “urban stores” that feature interactive kiosks, big video walls, and employee tablets all working together with back-office systems, seamlessly exchanging information to provide a next-generation retail experience to customers in the city.
  • A leading quick service restaurant chain mapped the digital journey of its younger clients and developed targeted online content, social media channels, and a dedicated app to cater to the evolving needs of millennials and “iGen” individuals.


  • Staying relevant to digital era customers by meeting and extending their individual digital capabilities and expectations
  • More effective and less costly customer service
  • New market opportunities and revenue streams through the better understanding of target groups and their evolving needs
  • Better cross-sell opportunities due to a higher level of customer intimacy and understanding


Featured Expert

Andreas Sjöström

Expert in Innovation and Emerging Technologies AIE Lead San Francisco