• Every time a customer takes out her smartphone, a micro-moment occurs. This occurs on average some 200 times a day. The Internet of Things with its “enchanted,” wearable devices will create even more of these tiny opportunities.
  • At each of these moments, a customer may “want to know,” “want to go,” “want to do,” or “want to buy.”
  • Digital winners apply a range of technologies and integrations to understand the individual behaviors and desires within these micro-moments, fulfilling or even anticipating future customer needs.
  • Digital happiness assumes digital beauty, and it can be “wowed” by a human connection like friendship.


  • Electronic retailer Boulanger launched a series of smart “urban stores” that feature interactive kiosks, big video walls, and employee tablets all working together with back-office systems, seamlessly exchanging information to provide a next-generation retail experience to customers in the city.
  • A leading quick service restaurant chain mapped the digital journey of its younger clients and developed special web content, social media channels, and a dedicated mobile app to cater to the evolving needs of millennials and “Generation Z” individuals.


  • Staying relevant to digital era customers by meeting and extending their individual digital capabilities and expectations
  • More effective and less costly customer service
  • New market opportunities and revenue streams through the better understanding of target groups and their evolving needs
  • Better cross-sell opportunities due to a higher level of customer intimacy and understanding