Hack my (Business) Model


  • After automating the existent and reengineering processes, digital solutions become the agents of disruption, affecting enterprises that seek disruption or are submitted to it. As such, digital solutions are actually digital transformers.
  • Disruption started with “hacking” business models, driven by the radically changed and constantly changing expectations of digital consumers to start a dialogue, buy, and receive services in the ways that suit them best.
  • But business models are just the beginning: the digital revolution penetrates deep into an enterprise—no domain, no rule, no governance, and no mindset escape it.


  • The decision to invest in digital solutions introduces a new parameter: the measurable disruption a new application will cause. Investments that protect, solidify, or embellish the established order are no longer worth it.
  • Don’t forget that not only business but also IT has to transform its traditions and institutions, creating new customs after the decision to invest, design, and prototype based on digital solutions.

How to?

  • Keep hacking business models. Too many outdated approaches are still intact. After disrupting customer relation business models, think of client relations as business models: write the scenarios and scripts of the new roles in your digital ecosystem.
  • Then, hack your other models. Revisit employment to give digital employees and freelancers the workplace they want. Rethink R&D to open it up, attach umbilical cords to your connected products, think twins for service, flex your budgets, report the future.
  • Finally, hack behavior. Use the new solutions to change mentalities and design new partnerships.

So what?

  • “Hacking” as an activity may sound destructive to some, even if it adequately reflects the vagaries of digital life. Luckily, this design principle does not stand on its own. It will work best in harmony with the others: by all means hack, but make sure your corporate IQ increases while doing so. Hack, but make sure your trust balance profits from it. Hack, but make sure your story sounds constructive to your customers, clients and partners.

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