Mid-sized Banks: How to Thrive in the Whirlwind of Technology

Mid-sized banks – those organizations with assets between $10 Million and $50 Million – are facing challenging times. Even before the current global crisis, mid-sized banks found themselves being pressed by competing forces: 1) a need to reduce costs to stay competitive with larger rivals, and 2) the need to continue to add innovative products and services to their customers.

The resulting circumstance has seen soaring cost-to-income ratios for those organizations trying to modernize and lagging behind the digital curve for those who are still figuring out how to modernize. Add to that, legacy systems that are in many cases decades old, and new competitors in the form of Fintechs entering the market, and it is an inflection point for these mid-tier banks.

To make sense of this whirlwind, mid-size banks are increasingly looking to business and technology partners to curate and orchestrate all aspects of the ecosystem to make smart technology and business decisions that drive growth, reduce costs and provide a rich and meaningful user experience for their customers.

At Capgemini, we have assembled a series of initiatives, services and accelerators that can allow mid-sized banks to focus on serving their customers, not trying to figure out the maze of the current environment. They focus on Services Transformation, Asset Transformation, Consolidation and Optimization.

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